The legendary KsFreak hairstyle

Die sagenumwobene KsFreak Frisur

The legendary KsFreak hairstyle


YouTube is omnipresent and so are its vloggers! In German-speaking countries, the channel KsFreakWhatElse in particular is one of the most popular channels. In particular, KsFreak itself has a constantly growing fan base. His fans like to emulate the young man, especially when it comes to style, and want to make his look their own. A big topic is of course the haircut. That's why we've dedicated today's Charlemagne Premium Blog Post to exactly this topic and will talk about the YouTuber and his KsFreak hairstyle in the following lines.


The KsFreakWhatElse channel is changing


KsFreakWhatElse initially started on YouTube with gaming content. Over time, however, the entertainer changed his content and swapped topics on entertainment and lifestyle. This change made the channel more attractive to a wider audience and KsFreak was able to really take off.

The legendary KsFreak hairstyle

Marcel Dähne, the YouTuber with the KsFreak hairstyle


Marcel Dähne, KsFreak's real name, maintains the channel, which is well-known in German-speaking countries, with his YouTube content.

In the wake of his success, Marcel Dähne, who was born in Austria, or rather Linz, moved to Berlin, but he quickly left due to the occasional appearance of various fans in front of his apartment gates. He says about himself that he sorts his jackets and shirts by color and has a certain shoe habit.

The KsFreak hairstyle as well as his general demeanor are very important to the young man. It's no wonder that he scores with videos about his hairstyling on his channel.


The KsFreak hairstyle, a constant change and yet consistent


The KsFreak hairstyle essentially consists of long top hair and short side and neck hair. Just a form of undercut. Marcel Dähne sometimes attaches importance to extravagance with his KsFreak hairstyle. Bleached top hair is just one option that KsFreak gave his hairstyle. A special feature of his head hair is the transition from very short, tapering sides and neck hair, with a transition towards the top hair. A so-called zero fade.

As you have read, the KsFreak hairstyle is ubiquitous in various variations. If you intend to have a barber you trust conjure up a similar look on your head, it is an advantage to take one or two photos of the YouTuber with you to your barber appointment. This can ensure that you get the cut that you actually want. Of course, the barber takes care of everything else. The combination of an undercut and a great beard can also do wonders in terms of appearance. Just give it a try because:


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The legendary KsFreak hairstyle

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