The KC Rebell hairstyle, a new edition from the “Rappers and their hair” section

Die KC Rebell Frisur, eine neue Ausgabe aus der Rubrik „Rapper und ihre Haarpracht“

The KC Rebell hairstyle, a new edition from the “Rappers and their hair” section

In particular, the world of German hip hop, or “German rap” in short, has been on everyone's lips for several years and has become an integral part of the music charts. One of the most successful rappers there is KC Rebell. It is obvious that young and older men emulate their idol. It was precisely this point that led us to make the crucial optical factor, namely the KC Rebell hairstyle, the topic of today's Charlemagne Premium blog post. Since we are bluntly assuming at this point that you are also looking for the Rebellisi look, we hope you enjoy reading!

KC Rebell, rebelism also has a real name

KC Rebell is a German rapper. Hüseyin Kökseçen, known by his real name, originally has his roots in Turkey, where a young German of Kurdish descent was born in Pazarcık in 1988. Today the rapper lives in Essen and is the owner of the Rebell Army label. A little tip on the side: Anyone interested should take a look at https In KC's Channel you will find out what the young man is all about in terms of music. But first we will discuss the KC Rebell hairstyle.

The KC Rebel hairstyle, from front to back

From boxer cut to side parting. The KC rebel hairstyle is versatile. Basically, when it comes to the KC rebel hairstyle, you can say that the young KC has curly hair. Unless you want the style like UFO 361, i.e. curly hair with closely shaved sides, it is often necessary to straighten the hair if you also have curly hair. As soon as the hair is brought into a smooth shape, there are no longer any hurdles standing in the way of the KC Rebell hairstyle. KC has worn a boxer cut for a long time, similar to Gzuz of the 187 Street Gang. You can read about what the boxer cut is all about here . Today you almost want to say that the KC Rebell hairstyle is inspired by Justin Bieber's. His long hair, slicked back and paired with short shaved sides is a form of undercut. If you have this look in mind, just take a photo with you to your trusted barber. Based on the photo, the professional knows which cutting techniques to use to give you the KC Rebell hairstyle

The KC rebel beard, a not insignificant feature to the overall picture

KC has a beard to match the KC rebel hairstyle. This is a cut of the full beard, the contours of which run smoothly along the length of the side hair in the area of ​​the head. The German rapper wears his chin hair a little longer. Sometimes more sometimes less. By the way, it's a great combination that requires the right care products from a certain length. Since you are looking for the perfect look, we encourage you to take a look at our Charlemagne Premium Shop, because:

The KC Rebell hairstyle, a new edition from the “Rappers and their hair” section

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