The 20s hairstyle, noble and classic but above all timeless

Die 20er Jahre Frisur, edel und klassisch aber vorallem zeitlos

The 20s hairstyle, noble and classic but above all timeless

The 20s hairstyle. Since the film “The Great Gatsby” in the style of the 20s and proper evening make-up, the classic male look has become omnipresent again. The twenties look was anything but shoulder-length hair. Men wore short hair. But what makes this elegant look and why do many people these days, especially men, emulate the characteristics of the typical 20s world? This is exactly the topic we have addressed in today's Charlemagne Premium Blog and will go into the interesting field of 1920s hairstyles in order to bring you a little closer to the certain charm of this time. Happy reading!

The 1920s, a time of prohibition and the rise of new wealth. And of course the 1920s hairstyle


It's the 1920s. A time shortly after the First World War. America in the time of recovery and the emergence of a new party etiquette. between beautiful women and their one or other hairstyle with water waves. Top hats were a thing of the past, men had discovered a new fashion for themselves.

Yes, the 1920s were something in themselves!

The 20s hairstyle, noble and classic but above all timeless

The 1920s hairstyle was particularly influential in men's world. To this day, some of the hair trends of that time continue to establish themselves in the fashion world and represent timeless elegance. By the way, the hair world was significantly different back then. At that time, the masters of creation had the hairdressing trade firmly in their hands. It was not without reason that barbers were open on Sundays to give the masters of creation their well-deserved break, as the women still took care of the children and the food.


A trendsetter of his time, a star of silent films and his 20s hairstyle

Rudolph Valentino, a successful silent film actor of his time, became a trendsetter. He was one of the first of his time to have the courage to change. The new hairstyles changed the appearance of men, were provocative without losing their elegant appearance. Back to our silent film star. His 1920s hairstyle, combed strictly back with the help of pomade, sets a new trend. A men's hairstyle that hardly varied showed a man's masculinity and self-confidence and prevailed. Nevertheless, as is so often the case today, new trends are often subject to prejudice. That's why Rudolph Valentino was often referred to as the pomade stallion.

An era of short to medium length haircuts, but they all shone equally

One thing the 20s hairstyle always had was a silky, matt shine. This was largely initiated by using plenty of pomade. Typically, the side-parted hairstyles and all hairstyles with close-cropped sides and neck hair were covered with a hat. The Federoa was in, one cylinder was “out”! The key to getting his hair back into shape after taking off the hat was a comb and an oil-based product called Brilliantine. In addition to the technical changes, characterized by the automobile and telephone, not much changed in the men's fashion world. But one thing remained to this day. Styling with the help of care products. An evergreen, as they say.

The 20s hairstyle, noble and classic but above all timeless

As you can read, the 1920s were groundbreaking for the hair world due to the emergence of a new awareness of men's hair and the associated trends of the 1920s for the appearance of men today. If people like Rudolph Valentino, aka the Pomade Stallion, had never hung up their top hats, we would probably still be roaming the world protected under the top hat today. Instead, trends from the 1920s are still in fashion today, as they are characterized by timeless elegance. That's right, the keyword is timeless elegance!

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