The razor with an interchangeable blade - 7 tips to be able to use the razor blade safely even when renting it

Das Rasiermesser mit Wechselklinge – 7 Tipps, um auch als Leihe gefahrlos die Rasiermesser Klinge einsetzen zu können

5 advantages of a razor with an interchangeable blade

Razors are one of the basic tools in a beard care set. From knives created from a single cast of metal, knives with handles made of the finest wood, to plastic handles to automatic folding knives that only knife engraver Joe would bring to the day, there are hardly any that can be imagined Limits set. The market offers almost endless versions, which offer their own advantages and disadvantages depending on the user.

Razors with interchangeable blades are one of the technical versions. Simply put, this is a knife with an interchangeable blade. But why should you use such a tool? After all, the market offers simple, albeit quite expensive, rental solutions when it comes to shaving? That’s right, the answer is professional “Beard Gooming”. This is not standard and off the shelf. Between us, men also need a little extravagance from time to time when it comes to style and styling.

Below we will explain to you 5 advantages of a razor with an interchangeable blade so that you too can make the right choice during the agony of the market.

razor with interchangeable blade

The first advantage: longevity

At this point there is almost no need to mention that a classic razor with an interchangeable blade offers the simple advantage of being able to change the blade. But why should you do this regularly? Razors, like all knives, have a certain degree of sharpness. This should be the status quo for every knife, whether in the kitchen or elsewhere. The sharp blade is important in order to be able to consistently fulfill its purpose. Due to use of the knife, this sharpness continually decreases, resulting in a dull blade. The knife is therefore not ready for use.

What does a dull razor blade mean?

Even with a razor with an interchangeable blade, the longevity of the blade will eventually wear out. A dull blade has two disadvantages:

  • On the one hand, a dull blade cannot cut the beard hair cleanly. Depending on the degree of wear, smaller or larger stubbles of beard hair remain on the subject's face. Contours that are largely shaped by the razor with an interchangeable blade are therefore unclean and do not achieve the desired effect.

  • On the other hand, shaving with a dull razor can be extremely unpleasant depending on the degree of wear. Hair is no longer cut cleanly, but is partly torn off at the hair root due to the inability to cut.

    The monetary factor

    Each of you will know the moment in the drugstore when you look in shock at the prices of razors from market-leading companies. We don't even want to start with replacement blades and their prices. Real razor blades, which have been used by men for generations, only cost a fraction of what the blades for standard beard razors cost. Even though using a razor with an interchangeable blade requires a little practice, the cost differences are immense in terms of the lifetime that a man will use a razor. Our choice always falls on a razor with an interchangeable blade. Ultimately, the shaving result, as well as the experience, is unlike the daily and forced facial shave with the help of a conventional razor.


    The optics

    In contrast to conventional shaving devices, a razor with an interchangeable blade can be purchased in a wide variety of versions, some of which can be customized.

    In particular, fine tropical wood with a high material density brings an immense feel-good quality while it lies in the user's hand. But metal also has its advantages. It feels heavy and comfortable in the hand and is also very durable. And if we're honest, it's like tools. Heavy is good, green is better. Various manufacturers such as Dovo from Solingen or Wilkinson Sword also offer examples for the private and non-commercial market. If you choose the right one, you will be able to enjoy a razor with an interchangeable blade for a long time in your life.

    The subsequent care 

    No matter how well the lubricating film of a shaving foam works. Cutting your facial hair close to the surface is also hard on your skin. After shaving, your skin is inevitably irritated. Whether after shave or rather a good skin balm. It is important to moisturize your skin. Our choice always goes towards balm. The caring properties of such a product are a blessing for your facial skin, regardless of whether you have shaved or not. Plus point!

    The razor with an interchangeable blade – 7 tips

    Whether dad or grandpa, they were role models

    Whether in your early childhood days you watched your dad or grandpa shaving with a razor with an interchangeable blade or just inserting the razor blade. Even back then you said to yourself, I want to do that too. Trimming a beard with a knife simply has style and is absolutely incomparable to other beard styling tools in terms of masculinity. At this moment we simply want to let your past take effect. You will agree with us.

    With the 7 advantages mentioned, we have suggested that a razor with an interchangeable blade offers serious advantages over conventional, manual shaving tools. We are sure that this has made your decision a little easier. If you are also looking for high-quality razors, just take a look at our shop. High-quality care products and the corresponding tools are our passion because:

    “A healthy and well-groomed beard is important for a real man, that’s why we offer everything you need to keep yours doing so.”

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