Blonde beard, tips for our golden curls

Blonder Bart, Tipps für unsere Goldlocken

Blonde beard, tips for our golden curls

Aloha bearded people! In today's Charlemagne Premium Blog Post we will focus in particular on our golden lord of creation. A wearer's blonde beard can quickly become less noticeable than that of a dark-haired competitor in the world of beard grooming.

In order to counteract this issue, today we will introduce you to the topic of “blonde beard tips” in order to get the most out of your golden facial hair or to show what is really important when grooming.

So stay tuned for our tips below. They are practical (warning the pun), worth their weight in gold!

First, let it grow!

No matter what color your beard is. The beginning of beard grooming is letting your facial hair grow. It simply doesn't matter whether you want to wear the 3-day beard look or a long Viking beard on your face. It has to be well-groomed, that's the key word. If you're not aware of this and don't want to put in the work, it's time to wear a clean-shaven look! But now let’s move on to the topic, blonde beard and tips about it.

Whether red, blonde or brown, all women love him

Of course we're talking about your beard! True to the motto, a lid fits on every pot. Never let the color of your hair push you into a corner you don't want to be in. Bleaching and other highlights in the hair are not out of fashion for no reason. A man stands by his God-given qualities. These are also red, blonde or Liliane's head and beard hair, insofar as it belongs to you. The second in the “blonde beard tip” section, or rather hair tip, is: Make the most of what you have and stay true to yourself!

Blonde beard, tips for our golden curls

What look


You ended up on this blog because you're looking for help with styling your blonde beard or tips on your hair. First and foremost, it is important to know what style you intend to wear. Your goal is to use your natural strengths. Not every look suits you. If you're the tall Viking type, your blonde beard doesn't need any tips and tricks. Let it grow, take care of your beard and the picture will be harmonious. However, if your beard is rather slender, practically just a light fluff, a color treatment in particular can work wonders. We will now address exactly this topic.

The hair and its color


If you want to make changes to your beard hair, we can of course help you... Because every hair can be adjusted.

Due to its coloring, dark hair has the property of casting a stronger shadow than, for example, a blonde beard. Tips to support this shadowing include coloring your beard. The market offers a variety of color shades to make your facial hair look different. Your beard not only looks darker but also fuller and thicker.

However, the coloring process puts strain on your hair.

Blonde beard, tips for our golden curls

Caring for the beard

To counteract this, suitable care products such as Charlemagne beard oil tobacco / vanilla or lime / mint can help, and not just through captivating fragrances. Beard oil restores moisture that has been removed from your hair and rounds off your styling, even giving your hair a silky, matt look. What else should I recommend to you at this point? If the beard is well-groomed, half the battle is paid!

As you have read, there are also tips on the topic of “blond beard” to get a great look from your beard styling. If we're honest, the color of your facial hair is irrelevant anyway. It is important that your beard receives great care and therefore appears healthy and valued. To achieve exactly that, you will of course, as always, find the highest quality care products and beard grooming tools in our Charlemagne Premium Shop, because:


“A healthy and well-groomed beard is important for a real man, that’s why we offer everything you need to keep yours doing so.”

As barbers with over 20 years of experience in the trade, we were looking for styling and care products that convinced us 100%. There were some good products on the market, but none that really gave us what we needed. After some consideration, we decided in 2014 that we wanted to develop our own series. For two years, every evening after work in the barbershop, we used every free minute to work on developing the recipes in our basement. When it came to ingredients, the best was just good enough for us. We purchased the best available jojoba oils in Morocco, and argan oil from Italy.

After two years and numerous tests, we had our first product range, with which we have been delighting our customers ever since - we think 98% positive reviews speak for themselves. This has of course been continuously developed since its official launch in 2016. This is just one of the reasons why Charlemagne Premium products have won not just one, but several comparison tests in recent years.

You can of course find all of our products here in our online store. If you have any questions about our products, you can reach us at any time at .