Twirl your beard? Real men dare to twirl mustaches!

Den Bart zwirbeln? Wahre Männer trauen sich an das Schnurrbart zwirbeln!

Twirl your beard? Real men dare to twirl mustaches!

It's time! After long and diligent care, but above all after the long wait, you have achieved what you were waiting for.

Your lip plays hide behind your mustache.

What's the point of all this? Of course, you want to visually follow in the footsteps of the great emperors and your male ancestors and twirl your mustache or beard. No wonder, beard twirling - not chin and side whiskers, but moustache twirling - is back in fashion again. So you want to become part of the individual beard wearers. Well, you're standing in front of the mirror excited, but somehow your mustache doesn't really look the way you want it to. What now? Twirling a mustache is an art in itself that requires a lot of practice. So that your mustache doesn't look like it's a little "to the wind", it requires patience and experience.

So that you too can find your desired goal and learn the technique of twirling your beard, we will show you in the following 5 points how you can get your upper lip hair into the necessary shape and then twirl your mustache. After all, Kaiser Wilhelm drove the world of women into a complete frenzy.

The right length

First of all, your mustache must of course be of a certain length in order to be twirled properly. After all, even a locksmith cannot produce metal work without materials. The length of the hair is crucial for twirling the beard.

Since you are reading this blog entry, we are assuming at this point that the necessary length of at least 1.5-2.5cm is already there and we will skip to the next point. If this isn't the case, just come back to this blog entry in a few weeks to twirl your mustache.

How should you actually twirl your beard?

The correct form

The correct shape of your mustache is crucial to being able to twirl your beard. It's obvious that when you twirl your beard, the hair towards your cheek needs to be a bit longer than the hair directly under your nose. In order to create a sensible look that also exudes a high level of care, it is important that your lip is not covered by facial hair. An overgrown mouth simply looks unkempt.

Which woman wants to kiss a man whose only part of his lower lip is visible because the rest is hidden under his facial hair?

To create exactly the shape described, use beard scissors. You can of course also find out how to deal with this and what constitutes it in our blog .

You then have to twist the other hair that is left longer into a mustache.

Care with beard oil

Before you start routinely twirling your mustache, your beard should be kept healthy in addition to being trimmed. Dry and brittle beard hair is difficult to shape and simply doesn't look as healthy as a beard that receives regular beauty treatment.

To ensure exactly this point, it is best to use a good beard oil first and foremost. Whether essential oils that conjure up great scents under your nose, or the pure care itself. Beard oils are a true delight.

You can see exactly what this is all about here:

This ensures that your beard hair has a silky, matt shine and, above all, gets enough moisture. This is exactly what makes it nice and supple. The point at which women like to start “ruffling” your beard!

You can find out how to use beard oil and what you should pay attention to with this product in this blog entry . Of course, you can also find high-quality beard oils for every fable in ourCharlemagne Premium Shop . At this point we can perhaps recommend the gift set to you.

How should you actually twirl your beard?

The beard twirl itself

Now it's time to get down to business! Mustache twirling for beginners.

Our Maggi also found joy in this twisted beard affair:

At first, twirling a beard requires a little skill and practice. As a test person, you have to adapt to the product used in relation to your beard and learn to use it. While we're on the topic. Products.

Beardwax or beard wax is suitable for twirling your mustache. You can read here or here what the different beard waxes are all about, such as the Bavarian and Hungarian beard waxes. It is important that, depending on the length of the hair, your mustache requires lighter attack material or heavy artillery. The Bavarian beard wax offers a very strong hold. Its use is recommended, especially at the beginning, as it can support you with its strength if you are not yet very experienced at twirling your beard.

So you take a little material from the can or tube onto your index finger and thumb, pinch the tips of your mustache between them and start twirling the mustache. You see, art is not the procedure itself but the product and practice of yourself.

Care after beard twirling with pomade

In addition to the beard wax, you should use pomade on the areas of your facial hair where twirling a mustache is not recommended, as this can be very hard. This brings your hair into shape without the stiffness of the beard wax. You can also use a beard comb to control the styling of your beard on the go, for example. You can of course find a suitable, high-quality tool in the Charlemagne Premium Shop.

If you take the previous 5 points to heart, you too will be able to twirl your mustache and present a great mustache á la Kaiser Wilhelm to make women's hearts tremble. As always, you can find the right products in our Charlemagne Premium Shop, and of course the corresponding instructions here in the blog, because:

“A healthy and well-groomed beard is important for a real man, that’s why we offer everything you need to keep yours doing so.”

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