The boxer cut hairstyle - the timelessly sporty look

Die Boxerschnitt Frisur - der zeitlos sportliche Look

The boxer cut hairstyle - the timelessly sporty look


From the legendary boxer Michael Tyson to the German rapper Bushido and many other influential men, the boxer cut has graced the heads of icons across various realms. It's a timeless fusion of athleticism and a dash of masculinity.

But where does this enduring style originate, igniting a genuine craze? What adds to the charm of the boxer cut hairstyle? More importantly, how does it resonate in the realm of women?

In the upcoming Charlemagne Premium blog post, we'll delve into these queries and more, offering insights into the boxer cut hairstyle and unveiling the unique qualities that make it stand out. Enjoy your reading!


What does the boxer cut hairstyle look like?


The boxer cut, known professionally as a flattop, translates to a hairstyle where the hair on the sides and back of the head is shaved, leaving a flat surface that ascends from the back to the front and sides—a brush cut primarily donned by men. While the concept seems straightforward, achieving a seamless transition in length is where the complexity lies. Here's a crucial tip: nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, can compromise a hairstyle more than an intentional but poorly executed transition in hair length. Precision is key to mastering this distinctive look.

The boxer cut hairstyle - the timelessly sporty look

Where is the boxer cut hairstyle common?

Especially in the second half of the 1980s, the boxer cut hairstyle, i.e. the flattop, was able to establish itself in youth scenes such as the hip hop scene through rappers such as Kool Rock Steady or Kool Eddie. Today the hairstyle is particularly popular among German hip hop fans. “Fler” or “Bushido” “brought the flattop to Germany”

In addition to the classic test subjects, i.e. boxers, for example in the professional sector, where the hairstyle counteracts overheating of the head in combat, particularly due to its shortness, the hairstyle is also worn by the US armed forces. At this point many people can probably remember the film “Full Metal Jacket”... 


The styling of the flattop, the boxer cut hairstyle

Styling the boxer cut hairstyle is easy. The classic boxer cut as such is made what it is by its simple cut. An unstyled, purpose-oriented cut that doesn't require any pomade or anything like that. Let's be honest. No hair care product in the world can withstand even one round in the boxing ring (without re-styling using a comb, for example). So why the procedure?


On the other hand, the boxer cut can of course be taken to its maximum as a hairstyle in everyday life. To do this, the hair is put up, usually with the help of hair gel or hair wax. A thoroughly cheeky yet timeless appearance.

The boxer cut hairstyle - the timelessly sporty look

As you have read, the boxer cut hairstyle is a simple haircut for men. Purpose-oriented, it still brings with it a certain masculinity, which was certainly well received by women as part of the “tough guy” style. She embodies male dominance and is everyday bread for every barber. If you also intend to wear a boxer cut as a hairstyle, please do not do it yourself. As easy as it seems to create a haircut with the help of a hair trimmer. The eye is in the details. Nevertheless, you can still find the right care material for top and facial hair in the Charlemagne Premium Shop for this haircut, which can be easily combined with beards! Because you only have to keep one thing in mind:


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