The hairstyle with a receding hairline – the spice lies in brevity

Die Frisur mit Geheimratsecken – In der Kürze liegt die Würze

The hairstyle with a receding hairline – the spice lies in brevity


Indeed, not everything about a man should be short. Nevertheless, certain reasons make opting for shorter styles a worthwhile consideration. Yes, we're talking about your hair, of course. Dealing with thinning hair or a receding hairline can often lead even the most confident man to contemplate negative thoughts. This significant change inevitably comes with the notion of aging. However, there's no reason to let your head hang low with a receding hairline. Hair with thin spots isn't a problem, and it's no wonder women say that men become more interesting with age. That's precisely why today's Charlemagne Premium Blog Post will delve into the topic of hairstyles for a receding hairline, demonstrating how you can make the most of your hair in no time.


As Jason Statham likes to say, the spice is in brevity


Never trust a quote from the Internet. Of course we don't quote the well-known action film actor in the headline. Nevertheless, based on his appearance, one could definitely change the idea that the good man entertains the idea.


Ultimately, he obviously also has to struggle with his hair, which changes as he grows older. But he makes the best of it. The freshly cropped head not only suits him, but also skilfully conceals his receding hairline as a hairstyle. A simple but very effective method.


The hairstyle with a receding hairline – the spice lies in brevity

The undercut - a clever tool for creating a hairstyle for a receding hairline.


The undercut has a significant advantage in relation to the hairstyle with a receding hairline. The close-cropped sides quickly hide the receding hairline on the forehead, as half of the corner is practically shaved away. The resulting comb, fashionably combed to the side or back, contributes to the overall look. The thematic corners of the roots are optimally concealed and other areas of the main hair are brought into focus.


A side parting can also help with a hairstyle for a receding hairline


Just like with the undercut, the parting, possibly shaved, creates a similar effect in relation to the hairstyle with a receding hairline.

However, the parting does not conceal the part but instead highlights the receding hairline. If we are similar, we haven't discussed the most important thing yet. Basically, a receding hairline is not a bad thing, but rather an expression of your masculinity. This fact, which arises due to genetics, only becomes bad when a haircut makes the areas in question look bad. Similar to a man in a miniskirt. The skirt as such is not a bad thing, but it is only put into the right light by beautiful women.


As you have read, there are always ways to create a hairstyle with a receding hairline, even if in the actual sense the cropped hair is not a real hairstyle but rather a haircut. The combination with a full beard in particular works extremely well as a combination with short hair. Just try this hairstyle for a receding hairline by combining your individual look with a beard. As always, you can of course find the right care products and tools for beard grooming in our Charlemagne Premium Shop, because:

The hairstyle with a receding hairline – the spice lies in brevity

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