How should you trim your eyebrows as a man - 3 important factors for clearing the bush!

Wie sollte man die Augenbrauen trimmen als Mann – 3 wichtige Faktoren um den Busch zu roden!

How should you trim your eyebrows as a man - 3 important factors for clearing the bush!

When we talk about hair care in general, we're not just talking about your beard, body and head hair, but of course also about other hairy parts of your body.

Of course, this also includes the sometimes bushy eyebrows that some of us naturally have. Due to strong hair growth, there can also be male eyebrows that are somewhat reminiscent of the M from McDonald's or the politician Theo Waigel. This means that individual hairs can literally stand out from the face and thus mow down the well-groomed look of the man wearing it. That's why in today's Charlemagne Premium Blog Post we have decided to remedy the situation that you are probably in because you are reading this blog post and to address the topic of trimming eyebrows as a man. In the following we will address the two most common problems and help you, the person who is probably affected, to get your eyebrows in shape.

The monobrow, “the McDonald's M”

Eko Fresh, you still know him. In particular, the defamatory lyric from rapper Kool Savas. At this point we would like to quote.

How should you trim your eyebrows as a man - 3 important factors for clearing the bush!

“Your eyebrows look like the “M” from McDonald’s.”

Since then, the term has been omnipresent and the monobrow is a fashion faux pas that should not be present on the face of a real man.

To remedy the situation, it is necessary to bring about changes. Trimming eyebrows as a man is the wrong approach here.

Remember that eyebrow hair should not be shaved, even if it seems easier, as stubble always appears within a very short time. If you have dark hair, this effect is even more intense. When you pluck, you counteract these obstacles, at least temporarily, and the fresh look is achieved. (At this point a little verse as an anecdote to Freezy! We like you!)


Trimming your eyebrows as a man

Some men do have long hair for eyebrows. Trimming your eyebrows as a man is crucial here. To trim your eyebrows as a man, you need to use a comb. This acts as a tool to determine the desired hair length. With the help of a beard trimmer you can now trim the excess length of your eyebrows. As a man, this phenomenon only occurs when testosterone levels are high, so the female world of creation is not affected. After you have gone through the procedure, in most cases there is “rest” for the time being. Eyebrows grow slowly.

How should you trim your eyebrows as a man - 3 important factors for clearing the bush!

pluck eyebrows

The topic of plucking eyebrows for men is highly controversial. In both the female and male fashion world at the end of the 1990s, it was simply chic to have your eyebrows plucked with a steady hand. Frequently one or the other hand became quite restless, seemingly nostalgic.

Fashionable missteps by a man should not be uncommon.

Nowadays, the trend at the time quickly appears very feminine among the men of creation. If you find hair on your face, especially around your eyes, that does not belong there in this form, it is legitimate to remove individual hairs by plucking them. Tweezers are the tool that will help. If you have long hair, trimming your eyebrows is also appropriate for men.

However, you should not emphasize the contours too much in order to counteract the feminine effect.

As you can read, the topic of eyebrows should not be neglected, but it can definitely be changed. To complete the perfect look, you can, as always, find the right care products in our Charlemagne Premium Shop. Because always remember one thing:

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How should you trim your eyebrows as a man - 3 important factors for clearing the bush!

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