How should I wash out a pomade?

Wie sollte ich eine Pomade auswaschen?

How should I wash out a pomade?

The procedure has already become part of everyday life, as “the groundhog greets you practically every day”. After a long day at work, you stand in front of the mirror in the evening, look at the beard you styled in the morning and the hair on your head and ask yourself, can I lie down in bed with my obviously greasy hair?

Can I even remove the product with a strong hold with normal shampoo? But more specifically, is complete removal smart at this moment? Washing out a beard pomade?

After all, we value our hair, which has been lovingly grown and cared for by us. Questions about questions that everyday life can write.

How should I wash out a pomade?

In the following blog post we will try to address these questions and help you to make the right decision in such situations using the right tools to treat thick hair as well as thin hair the way they deserve to be treated.

How do I wash off with shampoo after using pomade?

How to handle products like shampoo after styling your hair or beard, which are primarily designed to remove impurities  serve depends specifically on the situation and the corresponding growth on your body.

Properties of pomades

Whether water-based pomades, medium-strength pomades or even solid pomades

They all have one thing in common: washing out pomade doesn't just work with clear, possibly even cold, water. Pomades are usually fat-based. This means that in most cases their main ingredient, to give just one example, in addition to essential oils that create the great scent, is petroleum jelly. It is precisely this fat that can only be removed using additional tools. It is important that these aids do not attack or dry out the hair.

How should I wash out a pomade?

The hair on the head

Due to natural oils that a scalp secretes throughout the day and external environmental influences, human hair becomes contaminated. A layer of grease in your hair is not only unpleasant, but also extremely unaesthetic. After all, no woman in the world has ever raved about a man who could “shine” with his greasy and almost wet hair. We already know from numerous articles: “Nobody likes lard curls”.

But now back 2 topic! Hair shampoo on the head gets a clear GO, while hair shampoo in the beard gets a NO.

The beard hair

Shouldn't you completely remove pomade from your beard hair in order to avoid the  To be able to retain the necessary moisture over a longer period of time for rather dry hair. So you should use special beard shampoo to remove impurities. In addition, beard shampoo has the great side effect of not attacking or drying out the hair.

This is the only way to ensure that a process such as washing out pomade  to provide the necessary moisture for the rather dry beard hair, but especially not  to harm. Good fats have to stay in the hair, so wash them out when using pomade.

The application

After the pomade you use has completed its life cycle in the evening, as mentioned, it is time to take suitable care products to wash out the pomade that is no longer needed or to remove impurities from the hair. The application is extremely simple.

Since we are simply assuming that you have already had some experience washing your hair, we will go into washing your beard in a little more detail here.

First of all, you should, and I'm just quoting Grandma, “wet wipe” your beard hair before you apply any tools to wash out the pomade. Without adding water, the corresponding beard shampoo cannot foam up optimally and therefore develop its full effect. Ideally, use lukewarm or warm water to moisten your facial hair.

How should I wash out a pomade?

Now that you have completed the first step, take the desired amount of your beard shampoo and massage it into your damp beard hair. Make sure that it lathers well and don't forget that the shampoo works excellently if you don't just rinse it off straight away. So you should let the product work so that it can do the work it was designed to do.

You can then wash out the impurities on your beard that have been dissolved by the shampoo like the pomade. It's best to use lukewarm or warm water and make sure that no residue remains in the beard.

As you have read, contrary to many assumptions, it is not difficult to remove pomade from your hair. The only important thing is that you know which product is appropriate for your particular hair type and can therefore fully develop its benefits. Ultimately, there is a long process behind every product development, which paves the way to a specific goal through many experiences.

In short, someone has thought about ensuring that a product can have the right effect on you.  So it should be a not entirely insignificant factor to use it in such a way that it can actually work or that it doesn't have the wrong effect in one place. So to summarize - washing out pomade in the beard means special beard shampoo, washing out pomade in the main hair means hair shampoo for your head growth needs. If you follow these principles, you will be well prepared for daily care. By the way, if you are looking for great pomade or equally wonderful care products, it is, as always, worth taking a look at our Charlemagne Premium Shop.

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