How do I design the bald beard transition?

Wie gestalte ich den Glatze Bart Übergang?

How do I design the bald beard transition?


Aloah Master Propper!


A bit of fun on the side, but you are still one of those guys who prefers absolute hair removal in relation to their hair. No question. The classic bald head has style like no other “cut” of top hair. Whether paired with a beard and the associated bald transition or a complete wet shave of the entire head and face. Baldness is timeless. That's why we've decided in the following Charlemagne Premium blog post - after all, we live beard grooming - to address the topic of bald beard transition and also show you how to put on the perfect style after you've properly polished your bowling ball . Have fun reading and learning!


The baldness itself


Wear a bald head! Whether consciously or unconsciously is the question you have to ask yourself. Hand on heart, when the first hairs say “goodbye little guards officer” and bid farewell when you are young, it is not a pleasant event for most of the world. Whether it's hereditary hair loss or job stress. Hair falling out without a man consciously causing it is never a joy. Nevertheless, there are of course solutions to remedy the so-called half-baldness. Simply shaving or hair growth products such as minoxidil create a way out of the situation, which can certainly trigger unpleasant feelings for those affected.

How do I design the bald beard transition?

The head and beard hair are different

Similar to the beginning of beard growth, it is also the case with hair loss of the main hair, which can lead to baldness. The sex hormone testosterone is crucial. Without wanting to delve too deeply into biology, we can state the following: Sex hormones, which are largely produced by the body during puberty, cause hair to fall out when there is a high amount, but beard growth is still more pronounced. So here the obstacle is – Bald Beard Transition. If you prefer to stick to existing things, Minoxidil may be an aid that can support you.


What is Minoxidil?

The key word here is hair growth products.

It is a drug that is used for hereditary hair loss. Originally used to combat high blood pressure, the substance has the property of being able to tame hair loss and sometimes even promote hair growth. A hair growth product like minoxidil is actually a blood vessel dilating agent. It causes the small blood vessels in the scalp to expand. This means that the hair, specifically the hair roots, are better nourished. It is important to note that with a hair growth product such as minoxidil or similar products, an effect is only guaranteed if taken continuously. If intake or use is discontinued, gradual resignation is to be expected. It is therefore advisable to use it for at least 12 months in order to be able to estimate whether the desired treatment will actually bring about success, i.e. stop hair loss or perhaps even cause hair to grow.

How do I design the bald beard transition?

Ok, it's time

You have made the decision to wear a trendy bald head like Vin Diesel or Jason Statham have already dared to do. But how do you manage the bald beard transition? In short, it's a question of styling your beard and what you want to portray.

There are two options when it comes to this topic:

The soft transition:

The soft bald to beard transition means that you can continuously cut or have cut the non-existent head hair longer as the beard grows longer. So you create a transition to your beard hair, from the bald area.

The contrast is flowing and definitely suitable for a business look.

The hard transition:

The hard bald to beard transition means that, in contrast to the soft transition, with the bald beard transition you can have your beard hair trimmed to the length you want. This can create an extreme contrast ratio between your head and beard hair. A very daring look that not everyone can and should wear. Be sure to get advice from your trusted barber to get the look you want.

Your trusted barber will be able to provide you with advice and assistance on both variations and conjure up the look you want on your face. Especially if you are not practiced in the art of shaving your bald head, because cuts on your head quickly look like you are shooting hair, your barber will be of real help to you at the beginning of the procedure.

As you could read in today's Charlemagne Premium blog post, hair loss leading to baldness is not an obstacle to looking cool. Beard wearers in particular can create a great look for themselves through a cleverly chosen bald beard transition, which makes our women's world rave. After all, baldness indicates pronounced masculinity and a high testosterone level, which is known to have an impact on sexual activity. So men, keep your head up and swing the razor, you will see for yourself what the advantage of the matter will be. If you are looking for great and high-quality beard care products in the course of the bald beard transition, we will now just interpret it freely, since you came across this blog post, it is, as always, worth taking a look at our Charlemagne Premium Shop , because:

How do I design the bald beard transition?

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