How do I find the perfect hair wax for me? 5 statements about the right product

Wie finde ich das perfekte Haarwachs für mich? 5 Statements zum richtigen Produkt

How do I find the perfect hair wax for me? 5 statements about the right product

Everyone has experienced it at least once in the supermarket when shopping for household basics. The hair styling product that has been tried and tested for a long time is sold out and an alternative has to be found. Most of the time, the hair wax that was originally envisaged, also known as hairwax, dates back to the days of your youth and has simply never been replaced by another, perhaps even better, product. But that's exactly where the error lies. The desired shape of the hair and the associated look of the wearer

That's why in today's Charlemagne Premium Blog Post we will explain to you which hair wax is suitable for your hair, so that you too can optimally master your perfect morning styling and screaming fits.


The difference between hair wax and pomade


A pomade usually has a soft consistency. Their main component is fats. The contents in particular are petroleum jelly, lanolin and coconut oil.

Due to its high moisture content, a pomade can optimally supply the hair and scalp with the moisture described. This gives your hair shine, care and, of course, the desired shape after styling.

Hair wax, on the other hand, has a firmer consistency. It is precisely this component, namely wax, that is mixed into a pomade in various parts. For example, beeswax is used.

How do I find the perfect hair wax for me?

The benefits of pomade and hair wax


The big advantage of real pomade and hair wax are their components. Both products consist of purely natural ingredients and are therefore not contaminated with unnatural chemicals. Alcohols, to name just one example of chemical additives, have the property of drying out your hair and scalp, which can not only lead to brittle hair but also dandruff.

In addition, the essential oils contained in some of them are a real feast for every olfactory bulb that comes close to you or, even more so, your hair. A really pleasant side effect. Since we have to assume at this point that you have landed on our blog that you are looking for a high-quality hair styling product, we can only recommend our Charlemagne Premium Shop. There you will find a great pomade, handmade with selected products and made in Germany.

Side effects of hair wax and pomade


In contrast to simple hair gel, which gives you a strong hold on your hair, pomade and hair wax have the property of being more difficult to dissolve. Of course, such a situation is not hopeless. Conditioner, lots of shampoo or even pomade shampoo made for hair that has been treated with pomade will help you remove hair wax and pomade without leaving any residue.


The hair and the different hair types


Your hair is classified into different types. The so-called hair type system is a way of classifying a hair structure

The first characteristic is the so-called waviness or the lack of it. The subgroups are as follows:

Straight hair


Type 1a - Absolutely smooth

Type 1b - Straight with a little exercise. Not a really visible wave, but a little more volume

Type 1c - Straight with some movement and one or two noticeable waves, for example at the temple or neck

How do I find the perfect hair wax for me?

Wavy hair


Type 2a - Loose, stretched waves distributed throughout the hair

Type 2b - Shorter, distinct waves, similar to wet braided hair

Type 2c - Clear waves with one or two curls in the hair


Curly hair


Type 3a - Large, spiral curls

Type 3b - Tighter spiral curls

Type 3c - Tight corkscrew curls

Very curly hair


Type 4a - Extremely Tight Curls (S Pattern)

Type 4b - Curls that have sharp bends (Z pattern)


The second feature – the appearance and associated thickness of the hair, in short, what most of the (individual) hair looks like


F - Fine (0.01mm - 0.04mm)

With a fine classification, the individual hairs are almost transparent.

If you literally hold them up to the light, they almost don't appear at all. Naturally lost hair, for example on the floor, is difficult to recognize, even in contrasting colors.

How do I find the perfect hair wax for me?

M - Medium (0.05mm - 0.07mm)

A hair of medium thickness is tactile but not stiff or rough. After all, it's not straw.

The individual hairs are neither fine nor coarse and practically represent a middle ground between fine and coarse hair.


C - "Coarse" (0.08mm and more)

The individual hairs are easy to recognize on almost any surface. In particular, dark hair, for example in people of southern origin, can confidently be classified as this thickness.

The third feature - The total volume of hair

The third and final characteristic is the overall volume of your hair. This classification only makes sense for long hair. To do this, the hair is tied into a ponytail.

It is important to capture as much hair as possible. The place where the braid is tied is irrelevant.


Type i - thin

less than 2 inches or 5cm


Type II - normal

between 2 and 4 inches or 5 to 10cm


Type III - thick

more than 4 inches or 10cm



The right hair wax for your hair type

As you have read, hair requires, depending on your personal disposition, a selected product in a suitable consistency in order to achieve the desired results. If your hair is thin and easy to tame, you can shape it with a soft hair wax. A classic pomade is perfect for this. If your hair is of medium thickness or even coarse, it is a good idea to go for something “firmer”. As the name suggests, the wax contained in beeswax makes the product stronger and can therefore easily shape even thicker hair. Because of the great ability of a pomade or hair wax to not harden, your hair remains malleable. To be prepared for exactly this situation, we can also recommend our beard comb. Don’t let the term “beard” confuse you. A beard is also made up of hair, and the comb doesn't care whether it goes through the beard or the hair on the head. As always, you can of course find a nice copy in the Charlemagne Premium Shop.

How do I find the perfect hair wax for me?

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