Water-based pomade in the test

Wasserbasierte Pomade im Test

Water-based pomade in the test

When most people hear the term pomade, the movie “Grease” will come to mind, but Grandpa also had great fun with this miracle product. But what is pomade actually and what are the main properties of this product? How can I use pomade and why? We took a closer look at water-based pomade for you in the test and will explain to you below what this miracle cure is all about.

The pomade itself:

Pomade is a slightly sticky mass that is used to style your head or beard hair. This very useful product is usually delivered in small doses and, after a long period of “forgetting”, is now being used on customers again in the barbershops you trust. The pomades available on the market today generally have little in common with the oily, shiny pomades of the 1920s, which made the hair appear greasy. The key word is “water-based”.

The substance:

Basically, pomade is nothing more than fat, i.e. “grease”, usually based on petroleum jelly or mineral oils. The water-based pomade in the test was unable to provide us with any other information, as pomade has been used almost unchanged since the 18th century for the same purpose as it is today. Correct! For hair cosmetics. This fat is now usually enriched with fragrances, similar to competing hair care products available on the popular market. The particular advantage lies in the details. Pomade is completely free of chemical substances, preservatives or alcohol. This means you don't run the risk of drying out your hair when using pomade.

pomade water based test

The stakes

Pomade can be a great tool, especially for shaping your hair, but also for shaping your beard. In practice, water-based pomade excelled in the test due to its ease of use. But wait, even if we talk about shine at this point, it has nothing to do with the basic properties of pomade. In contrast to many other hairdressing products, it can make your hair appear both matt and shiny. An extremely positive feature is the fact that the pomade does not harden in your hair, which means you can get your hair back into shape with just a few simple steps or combing.

The application:

Using Test's water-based pomade, as in any other situation, is easy. You take the desired amount of “Grease” from the can and distribute it on dry or towel-dried hair to be styled. The characteristics of your hair play a particularly important role. If you have curly or slightly unruly hair, we recommend blow-drying your hair before using pomade to get it into the desired position.

The advantages of the water-based pomade in the test

We observed the following in practice:

Water-based pomade has the positive properties of not using chemicals, but especially because it is water-based, it does not dry out your hair and remains malleable practically all day long. If the product has lost moisture over the course of the day, you can still influence your styling by simply using a little water to make the product “smooth” again. Another advantage is the lack of an oil base. The water-based pomade in the test was much easier to wash out of the hair than an oil-based version. A clear plus point. As always, you can of course find the usual care products for your hair in our Charlemagne Premium Shop.