What exactly are thinning scissors?

Was ist eigentlich eine Effilierschere?

What exactly are thinning scissors?

Everyone knows it: you sit familiarly and highly relaxed in the barber's chair in a comfortably warm and almost secure-looking atmosphere, a barber you trust.

Suddenly it happens. After a few strong scissors, which usually remove some of the hair growth from the head, the good specialist wields his “magic scissors”.

It is “trimmed” vigorously from left to right, from front to back and back again. A small amount of hair falls (unexpectedly) from the male head.

How does this magician with a hairdryer and a knife do it?

Well, dear reader. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief around the world, barbers cannot (yet) perform magic like Harry P.

The fascinating cutting tool that you were able to see in use there is the technically correctly named thinning scissors. But what exactly are these scissors? How does it work? Below we will explain to you in 5 points what thinning scissors are, what features you can use to recognize what thinning scissors are and, in particular, whether you can use them for your purposes.

How do I recognize thinning scissors?

Thinning scissors are scissors that are serrated on both sides. The cutting blades of such scissors have alternating notches so that not all of the hair on the cutting edge is caught. The magic effect occurs. The teeth only capture about a third of the hair that is between the barber's cuts and between the special teeth of the thinning scissors.

What exactly are thinning scissors?

Why do you need thinning scissors?

Using thinning scissors leads to thinning of the hair and is used for backcombing. If you have thick hair, this thinning causes your hair to lie better and not develop a life of its own. Those who have thick hair or those who suffer from vertebrae know the topic best. Often there are no care products for styling the hair, so a thinning cut is used.

The best manufacturers

The market for cutting tools is no less competitive than, for example, the market for “home tools”. Good and bad scissors can be found all over the market. The various producers often produce individual models from the entry-level to premium market. The quality standard implemented is not only reflected in differences that can be quantified in monetary terms.

Manufacturers such as Tondeo are positioned in the premium sector. Entry-level models of thinning scissors can be found in Solingen at the Zwilling company, which, in addition to scissors, also produces excellent kitchen knives.

Do I need thinning scissors for home use?

The term is often used to complete the perfect “trim set”. This line of thought is fundamentally not wrong. As is often the case in life, the necessity relates to the user of the individual tool. If you have very thick, stubborn hair, such scissors can offer advantages. A man who already has little beard growth probably doesn't want to wear a thinned beard.

No separate explanation is necessary at this point.

We don't even want to start with hair at this point. A man who demands quality from himself would have his hair cut professionally and would never do this himself.

Based on the points mentioned, you have learned and internalized what kind of tool thinning scissors are and which users need such scissors. Of course, you will find professional tools for cutting and styling your or your customers' hair in our shop.