What is the perfect stubble length?

Was ist die perfekte Dreitagebart Länge

What is the perfect stubble length?

An evergreen among beard styles, exactly, the three-day stubble. Whether stars like Bradley Cooper or Brad Pitt, everyone wears it, wore it or will not be able to avoid the fact that they will put it on their face at some point.

It is precisely this importance that makes this form of beard an absolute classic.

Because you have decided to let your beard grow and therefore do not prefer a clean shave, we will show you how to optimally care for your stubble using practical tips. When it comes to beards, you too will become part of the classic evergreen column.

Trimming to length

Trimming your stubble to length is crucial. As the name suggests, the beard grows evenly over a period of about three days. In order not to exceed this length, it is necessary that you regularly trim your beard to length. Without such an action, your facial hair will quickly look unkempt. A stubble length of 1.5 cm is simply not a stubble. Heed this point!

Nobody wants to wear the look of a hermit on a remote South Sea island in the middle of the city on their face! The length of the stubble is therefore crucial.

This is done using a beard trimmer

You can of course also find an explanation of this device on our website. Actually , at this link.

Daring or more classically elegant?

A question that you should definitely ask yourself before caring for your beard, because the expression of yourself that you will convey through the different styles is crucial.

If you have a serious job, such as an office with a dress code, a look that's too casual may well come off as inappropriate.

But what is the difference between classically elegant and daring, perhaps even sporty? Very easy! The contours. A three-day beard trimmed to length, including in the neck area, can be worn without a contour cut after shaving the three-day beard to length, as long as it is intended to convey the image of the daring globetrotter. If you want and need to present a serious appearance in your professional life, this is absolutely taboo.

The care of the contours of your 3-day beard look in the area of ​​the face is, of course, always kept well-groomed and trimmed, depending on how you want to appear.

5 care tips for your stubble

We will now address this point. The contours

The contours

The contours of the beard, i.e. the transition between clean shave and facial hair, are probably the most important point between a well-groomed or absolutely unwearable look and an unkempt look. That's why you should make sure, especially in the area of ​​your face, that you shape the contours of your stubble with a razor or have it shaped. You can read an article about a suitable example or the right barber here.

Beard care

The short hair of your stubble also needs care.

There are a variety of methods to protect your beard hair from drying out and give it a satin shine.

A good approach is to use beard oil. If you suffer from easily irritable skin, it can easily appear “bristly” due to the continuously freshly trimmed hair. Untreated hair, especially with a short stubble length, quickly grows harder and “scrattier”.

As you can see, growing a stubble isn't always a joy if you don't take any measures in advance. Beard oil helps you here too, as it softens your hair and thus prevents irritation to the skin, such as the classic case of “the beard itches”.

The essential oils contained in a wide variety of beard oils also give your stubble a great scent. You can of course find out more about this topic in our blog .

5 care tips for your stubble

Skin care

You should also not neglect skin care when caring for your stubble. Since, as already described, you will frequently trim the contours of your beard in particular, this can cause skin irritation if not cared for. To counteract this, it is important to moisturize your facial skin regularly. You can ensure this using a variety of facial care products. The market is almost endless. If you have already had sensitive skin, we recommend using products specifically for allergy sufferers. Beard pomade and beard oil do the rest.

Through the previous 5 points, we have shown you how you can optimally care for your close-cropped beard. If you follow the care tips and pay particular attention to the length of your stubble, you will achieve the timelessly casual, yet serious look.

As always, you can of course find the right tools and the necessary care products in our shop



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