Why coconut oil is worth its weight in gold for your beard

Warum Kokosöl im Bart Gold wert ist

Why coconut oil is worth its weight in gold for your beard

In addition to the care products often containing chemicals and alcohol, which are available in every common drugstore, many people wonder what natural products the world has to offer to give their beard a proper care treatment. In today's blog post we will go into more detail about the topic of coconut oil or coconut fat, and explain to you why coconut oil in your beard will also be a real treat for your facial hair.

Where does coconut oil come from?

First there is the coconut palm and its fruits, the coconuts.

The white to yellowish vegetable fats from copra, the nutrient tissue of the coconut fruit, are obtained from these.

The coconut oil or coconut fat.

The name coconut oil is because coconut oil is solid at room temperature and is therefore not liquid. Just fat!

As already mentioned, the coconut oil or fat obtained has a white to slightly yellowish color. In addition to the light coconut note, it smells mild and partly waxy.

Even though this oil is extremely shelf-stable due to its high proportion of saturated fatty acids, it still occasionally smells slightly rancid when stored. Nevertheless, it has far-reaching benefits, especially as part of a care product, which is why coconut oil in the beard is not to be despised.

Why coconut oil is worth its weight in gold for your beard

The differences:

Coconut oil is available as both native and refined oil. The differences lie in the extraction process.

With a native oil, an oil is produced due to natural pressing processes (dry or wet), which also has the most advantages for the user when it comes to coconut oil in the beard, as this natural process has the most benefits (including for the hair , healthy) ingredients remain in the end product, i.e. the oil.

Refined oil is obtained through chemical and physical processes, whereby many of the oil's ingredients are lost. For this reason, refined oil is mainly used in the industrial sector.

The beard hair

Your beard hair, especially if it is left to grow for a long time, tends to dry out if it does not receive enough moisture. Coconut oil in the beard is perfect for counteracting this KO criterion. However, it is and remains a purely herbal product, without added chemicals or alcohol, as is often the case in the products commonly available on the market. Alcohol in particular has the ability to remove moisture; with chemicals, the effect depends on the respective additive.

Coconut oil in beard is good for beard growth


Various studies, for example those by the National Institutes of Health from 2003, show, among other things, that using coconut oil in the beard as a care product reduces protein loss in the hair. This happens with both healthy and already damaged hair.

By using coconut oil in the beard, damage to the beard hair can be prevented and the bottom line is that the beard growth can be increased.

Why coconut oil is worth its weight in gold for your beard

Coconut oil in the beard, supple and moist at the same time.

Due to the fact that coconut oil has moisturizing properties and does not feel greasy like other base oils, it is an ideal means of making your beard hair supple. In addition, the lauric acid it contains penetrates your skin more strongly and therefore nourishes this area more intensively.

As you can see, coconut oil in the beard has significant advantages for you and your beard hair, especially because virgin coconut oil is an almost complete product, directly from nature. Even as the main ingredient in the composition of a certain care product, coconut oil brings great added value. If you are looking for such suitable products, you will of course, as always, find them in our Charlemagne Premium Shop.