Why beard scissors are a must for every bearded person.

Warum die Bartschere ein Muss für jeden Bärtigen ist.

Why beard scissors are a must for every bearded person.

Who doesn't know that as men get older, not only facial hair but also hair sprouts uncontrollably in various places on their face. These usually appear by sprouting from ear and nose openings.

“Chuck Norris pulled out a hair from his beard and stabbed three men with it.”

Either way, or let's say something similar, the impression of a hair can creep into your thoughts when you experience in practice how hard and unruly the extra-long beard and facial hair described above can be.

Especially if you want to tame your hair and bring it into harmony with the surrounding growth and styling, you are often faced with a certain hurdle.

Whether with beard wax and the appropriate straightening of the individual hairs that are sticking out, which becomes a pretty idle topic, or simply coming to terms with the situation. A solution has to be found.

The bottom line is that no man can protect himself from such growth, but everyone can take action to avoid an unkempt appearance if in doubt. Let's be honest. A beard combined with ear or nose hair is not really, never really, a visual highlight.

The key word for the solution at this point is beard scissors. We will explain to you in the following 3 points what this tool is and why it should be an essential, indispensable part of your beard care set.

The beard scissors are different from the scissors in your kitchen

Beard scissors are characterized by their rather delicate design. The cutting edges of this tool are extremely sharp, especially with beard scissors. The scissor legs run closer together than with normal, but particularly cheap, scissors.

Why beard scissors are a must for every bearded person.

What's the point of all this?

As already mentioned above, your beard hair has the property of being thicker and therefore harder. The beard scissors must therefore be more powerful than its competitors in this field. This is the only way to ensure that you do not cut off the beard hair improperly or even pull it out, which can sometimes be extremely painful.

In addition, the tips of professional beard scissors are usually square. Especially when shortening facial hair, you can counteract the risk of puncture injuries in the area of ​​skin underneath the facial hair.

The small difference

Beard scissors and the like, specifically for nose and ear hair, differ somewhat. In addition to the same properties as the previously mentioned scissor legs, the tips here have been modified many times over. Nose hair scissors usually have rounded tips. This is the case because, in contrast to beard scissors, these tools are specifically suitable for use on the nose or hearing.

The addition to this

Our beard trimming sets also include nail scissors for babies and infants to help you deal with hairy issues. These scissors have strong, yet short and rounded cutting edges. The advantage of these scissors lies exactly there. When trimming, for example the mustache, you can avoid the risk of cuts and also trim the beard hair diagonally instead of straight thanks to the angled cutting edge. On the one hand, this simply looks more natural and well-groomed and, on the other hand, the tips are thinned out.

With the 3 points presented, we have explained to you why you should quickly buy a pair of beard scissors and the appropriate accessories. With high-quality beard scissors you will always be in control of the situation, especially in the morning hours when your beard hair is in danger of developing its own life.

But remember, scissors for hair are similar to scissors, specifically for cloth and fabrics. A long service life and the necessary sharpness of the cutting edges can only be guaranteed if you only use the scissors for their original purpose and treat them professionally.

You can of course find great beard scissors at a fair price in our shop. So you bearded people! You know what to do men!