Does shaving make your beard grow faster?

Wächst der Bart schneller durch rasieren?

Does shaving make your beard grow faster?


Men love having a beard or see it as torture. Shaving or simply having great facial hair is passion rather a way of life. Whether your professional life requires you to shave or makes it possible to have a great beard, of course it always depends on your individual situation. Of course, personal demands are also not insignificant. There are definitely men who want to wear a beard and others who see it as a vice.

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There are many myths and stories surrounding a man's beard growth. What is particularly striking is that many of these myths predict accelerating growth. Does shaving make your beard grow faster? Home remedies to support growth? Or just swing the chemical club? Many things are supposed to help, but is that really the case? In today's Charlemagne Premium Blog Post, we will address exactly this topic, namely shaving in relation to beard growth and the question “Does the beard grow faster by shaving?” and thus try to clear one or two legendary stories from the table. Happy reading men!

Does shaving make your beard grow faster?

The beard, not only a sign of masculinity but also a fashion assessor for many centuries


As already described in the introductory sentence,

That's why most men wait for the time to grow a beard. Worn as an embodiment of your own masculinity or simply a contemporary fashion trend that you want to set yourself. A beard offers almost endless possibilities to underline and highlight a man's appearance. So it's no wonder that men are already eager to grow their beards faster at a young age. But whether you actually let your facial hair grow doesn't just depend on your subjective decision, but also depends on a few criteria, which we will now discuss.


If you shave early, you can grow a full beard more quickly


First and foremost, the question of strong or less beard growth is a question of the genetic predisposition of the individual person. Does shaving make your beard grow faster? First of all: many young people have to shave, ideally daily, at the tender age of thirteen to fourteen (which, of course, to the chagrin of all observers, does not really happen during puberty) in order to get rid of their dark fuzz. Others never reach the stage of full facial hair and can practically shave a single hair with the help of warm water. In many ways it is often suggested that shaving can help. But does shaving make your beard grow faster?

Does shaving make your beard grow faster?

What is it actually like now? Does shaving make your beard grow faster?

To answer the question “Does shaving make your beard grow faster” in a nutshell: No! Your hair, whether face or head hair, as well as the hair on the rest of your body, cares very little about how often it is shaved. You no longer need to ask yourself the question “Does shaving make your beard grow faster?” The impression that the individual hairs will sprout more strongly afterwards is ultimately only due to your own perception of the growing hair, because this is where the reason for it lies. It is simply the case that growing hair is noticeable on previously shaved areas. In complete contrast to hair, which simply grows longer in existing areas. We can say with a clear conscience that none of us holds a caliper to our beard hair and documents what God's new and beautiful day has brought about in terms of beard growth. 

As you have learned, the myth surrounding the core statement in the question “Does your beard grow faster by shaving” is pure nonsense. The question “Does the beard grow faster by shaving” is therefore a farce. Unfortunately, some gentlemen of creation never achieve full facial facial growth in their lives. Clearly the minority of the men's world, to finally offer you a little hope at this point.

Therefore, at this point we assume that sooner or later - in the end there is still strength in patience - you will be able to call a stable beard your own. The associated styles and beard shapes obviously require appropriate treatment. As always, you can of course find the relevant care products and tools in our Charlemagne Premium Shop. Have fun!


Does shaving make your beard grow faster?

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