Curly beard, a topic for our curly heads!

Lockiger Bart, ein Thema für unsere Lockenköpfe!

Curly beard, a topic for our curly heads!

Especially after getting up, some beards really take on a life of their own. The thick beard hair curls up and simply does what it wants, a curly beard. But of course we are not faced with an insurmountable hurdle here either. One lord of creation has downright thin and soft hair, the other has hair that would probably be as hard as the GDR's border fence wire. C'est la vie men! However, there are ways to squeeze your beard hair into the right shape! This is exactly why we will address the topic of “curly beard” in today’s Charlemagne Premium blog post and show you how you can conquer stubborn hair or straighten your beard. Happy reading!

Do like Rapunzel and brush your (beard) hair regularly

Basically, it should be clear that your beard hair was exposed to certain “mechanical influences” during the night after getting up. Accordingly, you of course have to follow a certain care procedure if a curly beard bothers you in the morning hours. What does that mean for you? Exactly! Brush the beard.  By brushing you can bring your beard hair into the desired shape and “detangle” it from the conditions of the night. In addition, you should of course use the right products to support you, even if it's just pure care. We will explain the suitable products, whether beard oil, beard balm or others, in the following section.

Blow-dry your beard! Sounds stupid, but it's true!

Of course, you know it from your hair. An electrical device called a hair dryer brings your wet hair into a certain shape using warm air and the associated controlled drying, which can only be kept in this shape with the help of care products.

Blow-drying your beard produces similar results.

No matter which brush, controlled drying will help you “bend” your beard in the right direction. With the help of a round brush, hair that has grown longer can be brought into the perfect shape. Appropriate care products such as beard oil or the like provide significant support at this point. It is precisely at this point that the lengthy care procedure shows its finest effect, because it takes a certain amount of time for beard oil and the like to develop their full effect on the hair in order to be able to provide support. This also includes shaping the beard.

Beard oil. Smooth structure only with a care product

Beard oil is one of the most common and popular means of caring for a beard.  After a treatment with the legendary substance that can change everything... ok, we're exaggerating a little, your beard still shines with a silky shine and is also softer and supple.

This is due to the moisture introduced into each individual hair. The beard hair stores moisture and can therefore reduce internal tension in the hair.

Many gentlemen of creation have already found their method here to master their beard hair. To the extent that your curly beard needs more miracle cures, we will discuss this in the following section.

Pomade and beard wax

In addition to beard oil, the market of course offers other products. Similar to a beard oil, a pomade has the ability to moisturize your beard hair. As already mentioned at the beginning, this moisture makes your beard hair soft and supple. This also has the effect of making the subject curlier beard can counteract.

In addition to beard oil, beard pomade in particular is a basic tool for light styling to get rid of stubborn hair if you are concerned about curly beards.

And when nothing helps, you have to use tools

True to the motto, what doesn't fit will be made to fit. In the men's world, a straightener rarely finds its way into action. In the world of beard grooming, things are different. In particular a mini straightener, initially built for use when traveling and on your hair, is perfect for the shorter hair of those with curly beards. The spice here is the brevity, because the mini straightener is far easier to use than one of its larger counterparts. This prevents facial burns and minimizes the risk of accidents.

When using such a straightener for people with curly beards, it is important not to use any beard care products before using them. These would simply burn.

As you have read, a curly beard is easy to shape, even if it sometimes requires a little more effort.

By using suitable beard care products, you can also, depending on your personal disposition and what appears to you Beard hair can achieve great goals when it comes to curly beards with little effort. You can of course find the matching care products in our Charlemagne Premium Shop.

“A healthy and well-groomed beard is important for a real man, that’s why we offer everything you need to keep yours doing so.”

As barbers with over 20 years of experience in the trade, we were looking for styling and care products that convinced us 100%. There were some good products on the market, but none that really gave us what we needed. After some consideration, we decided in 2014 that we wanted to develop our own series. For two years, every evening after work in the barbershop, we used every free minute to work on developing the recipes in our basement. When it came to ingredients, the best was just good enough for us. We purchased the best available jojoba oils in Morocco, and argan oil from Italy.

After two years and numerous tests, we had our first product range, with which we have been delighting our customers ever since - we think 98% positive reviews speak for themselves. This has of course been continuously developed since its official launch in 2016. This is just one of the reasons why Charlemagne Premium products have won not just one, but several comparison tests in recent years.

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