Is beard wax suitable for a full beard?

Ist Bartwichse im Vollbart geeignet?

Is beard wax suitable for a full beard?

Beard wax, also known as beard wax or beard wax, is one of the basic products in beard styling. Thanks to its special texture, it brings your beard hair into the desired shape over the long term. Beard wax can also shine thanks to its pleasant smell. However, due to the abundance of different products available on the market for facial hair, the question arises as to whether beard wax can be used in a full beard. Does it perhaps depend on the styling or is it more of an everyday care product? Due to the high demand for exactly these situations, we felt compelled to pay attention to this topic.

So that you can find the right answers to your question, we will address the topic “Is beard wax suitable for a full beard?” in today’s Charlemagne Premium blog post. We hope you enjoy reading and much success in styling and caring for your best piece. Exactly, your Beard!

Is beard wax suitable for a full beard?

The beard cum

Beard wax is designed to bring your beard or rather special styling into shape and keep it that way over the long term. The essential oils it contains also give the product a wonderfully masculine scent.

The particularly strong hardening Bavarian beard wax essentially consists of fats such as petroleum jelly and beeswax. The Bavarian beard wax contains gum arabic as an additional substance, which makes it particularly strong. The resulting stiffness of the beard wax in the full beard is therefore less recommended for the classic style.

Since we initially assume that you are interested in the topic of Bavarian beard wax, we can recommend the following video to you at this point!

If you want to create unusual styling such as swirls in the chin and cheek area, you are also well served with beard wax in your full beard. Only Beardwax can literally keep what you promise.

Beard wax in a full beard? Go or no?

Beard wax for a full beard depends on your desired styling. To get a classic full beard into the desired shape, a good beard pomade is usually enough. In contrast to beard wax, a beard pomade offers the great advantage of not hardening a full beard. Your beard hair remains supple and can also be shaped later using a beard comb. A positive side effect is the fact that your beard can be cleaned this way. Leftover food can be easily and naturally combed out of the hair using a beard brush or comb. Another thing that should not be ignored is the moisture introduced into the beard hair due to the fat in the pomade. Great fragrances based on essential oils round off the finish of the product when used and convey pure masculinity and dominance to every olfactory bulb involved. Of course you will find suitable products from us.

Daily care.

Beard oil is particularly suitable for basic care of a full beard. The composition of natural and essential oils makes your beard hair soft and supple. Beard oil also gives your beard a silky, matt shine. To complement basic shaping, use beard pomade to shape the hair.

Is beard wax suitable for a full beard?


As always, we would like to draw a conclusion as a final word.


In summary, we note that the use of Bavarian beard wax, but also Hungarian beard wax, is only partially suitable for a full beard.

To learn more about Hungarian beard wax, just watch our video on this topic!

The rigid structure of beard styling that results from use means that the stiffly shaped full beard can quickly become disruptive in everyday life. We speak here for every potential wearer that a hard concrete beard is hardly what a person would like to wear. In addition, the styled and therefore desired shape prevents the use of a beard brush or a beard comb. The beard hairs, which are already almost stuck together, prevent your hair from being groomed and impurities cannot be brushed out of the beard. Beard wax in a full beard is literally not the best thing.

To get a full beard into the desired shape, you should use beard pomade. This is much softer and allows for post-processing. For this reason, we recommend that you always have a beard comb at hand. You can read about the associated usage here . Of course, you will find a high-quality comb, not only in conjunction with our beard care set in the Charlemagne Premium Shop.


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