Hair loss - 5 important arguments in favor of hairline spray

Haarausfall - 5 wichtige Argumente die Haaransatz Spray befürworten

Hair loss - 5 important arguments in favor of hairline spray

Some men are bothered by it, others simply come to terms with a natural aging process. But at one point most of the masters of creation come together again in their feelings.

The depressing topic of hair loss!

It is the most noticeable visual change that inevitably indicates that a man is getting “older”.

For some, the discovery brings them into the so-called mid-life crisis, for others, again, they simply come to terms with the impending situation.

But stop!

As inevitable as it sounds, an appearance that causes hair loss is not.

The world of women has been using many examples for decades to demonstrate what it means to give nature a little help. Nowadays, this is sometimes fraudulent tricks that only a shell player could do better, and is no longer a no-go, even in the men's world.

After all, everyone wants to get the best out of themselves and their appearance.

In order to counteract your visible hair loss a little, we will show you through the following 5 points how using the hairline spray can help to conceal the appearance of the aging process a little.

Hair loss - 5 important arguments in favor of hairline spray

Hairline spray


As most people know, hair loss is always noticeable in certain regions of the head, especially in men. While most people are still coming to terms with a receding hairline, as it is also part of the man's maturation process, the bald back of the head, the popularly known "flat" is usually a depressing observation for the man.

This is exactly where cosmetics can help. Hairline spray can be the decisive solution here. The market offers different products from a wide variety of manufacturers that are easy to use.

The color

First of all, it should be clear to you, unless you have jet-black hair, that selecting or rather finding the color of the hairline spray that is right for you is often only possible by testing and trying out individual products in the range. Remember, a strikingly different shade of hairline spray than your natural hair will look far worse than a bald spot on your head.

The application

Using hairline spray is relatively simple. Anyone who has ever changed their hair with spray paint during the well-known carnival, also known as carnival in the Rhineland, or Halloween, will recognize themselves. The colorant, which is usually filled in pressure containers, is sprayed onto the bald areas of the head using a spray mist similar to that of hairspray. As a result, the roots, or rather the scalp, are colored in the same shade as the subject's hair. Remember that it is particularly important to color the area over the entire area, but especially evenly and to match the rest of your hair. The goal is to make the bald spot on your head no longer appear using hairline spray. The opposite is the case, in that the area stands out as having a stronger color than the rest.

Hair loss - 5 important arguments in favor of hairline spray

The washing out

Washing out hairline spray is also self-explanatory and easy. When you wash your hair every day, the applied dye is removed using a commercially available hair shampoo. The rest shouldn't be worth explaining at this point.

As you have read, hair loss is not necessarily a problem. Especially in the “first” transition phase, hairline spray can lift the possibly depressed psyche of the person affected. However, only you can decide how you deal with a given situation.

We are unanimously of the opinion that a little hair loss does not change a man who exudes masculinity, as long as the overall look is fulfilled. If there is still no suitable solution for you, you still have the option of shaving the hair on your head and focusing on the hair on your face. Correct! Your beard!

In order to achieve the “overall picture” goal at this point, you will of course, as always, find the right care products in our Charlemagne Premium Shop.