Gzuz hairstyle - This is what your barber has to do to get you the 187 street gang look

Gzuz Frisur - Das muss dein Barbier tun, um dich zum 187 Straßenbande Look zu bringen

Gzuz hairstyle - This is what your barber has to do to get you the 187 street gang look

Bonez MC, Gzuz or Maxwell. The 187 Street Gang is currently on everyone's lips and is an integral part of the German hip hop charts. The hype surrounding the boys seems endless. After their success “Without My Team” at the latest, even the party world can no longer avoid German rap. The haircuts of the 187 Street Gang crew seem to be particularly interesting for many fans. That's why today we'll talk about Gzuz's hairstyle in our Charlemagne Premium blog post and give you a little more insight into his haircut. Happy reading!

What is the 187 street gang actually about?

The 187 Street Gang is a formation in the field of German gangster rap. Located primarily in Hamburg, the main characters in rap are Gzuz, Bonez MC, Maxwell, LX and Sa4 as well as the sprayers Frost and Track. It is produced by the well-known music producer Jambeatz.

Gzuz hairstyle - This is what your barber has to do to get you the 187 street gang look

What is the Gzuz hairstyle all about?

The Gzuz hairstyle is a modified boxer cut . In professional circles this is actually referred to as a flattop. Translated, this means flat and top for top, i.e. the top hair. This hairstyle is particularly popular in hip hop.

The hair on the sides of the head and the hair on the back of the head are shaved out, the remaining hair forms a surface that rises from the back to the front and the sides upwards, the “flat”.

The transition in length between the top and side hair is crucial for the later look of the Gzuz hairstyle.
With Gzuz hairstyle, a transition between side and top hair is cut, which is what makes this form of boxer cut crucial.


The styling of the Gzuz hairstyle

Styling the boxer cut hairstyle is easy. The classic boxer cut as such is made what it is by its simple cut. This is also the case with Gzuz, because he has a cut that doesn't require any pomade or other care products. At this point we encourage you to get closer to your individual look. Even if you want to wear Gzuz hairstyle, you are not Gzuz. This means that head shape, color and hair growth are definitely different between the two of you.

How does my barber get this Gzuz hairstyle?

It's easy, print out a picture of Gzuz's hairstyle and take it with you to the barber's appointment. Ok, let's explain the whole thing a little. As mentioned, the Gzuz hairstyle is a modified boxer cut, which can be found in many variations in the hair world. Even the best descriptions usually say less than just a single illustrative image. True to the motto, pictures say more than words. As suggested, you should simply print out the cut of the Gzuz hairstyle that suits you and, in short, show it to your barber. As a professional, he will immediately know what to do and act accordingly.

Gzuz hairstyle - This is what your barber has to do to get you the 187 street gang look

Sorry, I'm probably from the moon, help me out... Gzuz hairstyle?

Maybe you should take a look at the homepage of the 187 Street Gang, if you are actually not in the know, because you have probably been living under the moon for the last 5 years.

“Irony on”!

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“Irony off”!

As you could read, the 187 look of GZUZ hairstyle is not that difficult to imitate.

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