A new anecdote from our German rap profession: The Kollegah hairstyle

Eine neue Anekdote aus unserem Deutschrap Metier: Die Kollegah Frisur

A new anecdote from our German rap profession: The Kollegah hairstyle

In today's Charlemagne Premium Shop we're going to focus on the ever-present topic of a rapper's hairstyle. Today the focus is on Kollegah, or rather his Kollegah hairstyle! In addition to his full beard,  The Kollegah hairstyle is an important part of the young man's strikingly masculine appearance. Therefore, we hope you enjoy reading today's Charlemagne blog post, bearded comrade!

Felix Antoine Blume, the name says it all!

No, not really, because the good man is much more tangible and known under his pseudonym Kollegah than with his real name “Felix Martin Andreas Matthias Blume. Born in Friedberg on August 3rd  In 1984, the German rapper had already achieved countless successes in the music business.

Where does the origin come from?

The flattop was already able to establish itself in hip hop in the second half of the 80s thanks to rappers like Kool Eddie. Today the hairstyle is particularly popular among German hip hop fans. Rappers like “Gzus” or “die 187 Straßenbande” have established the boxer haircut in the German scene and made it socially acceptable.

In addition to boxers, in the professional sector, who wear the cut in a practical way, especially due to the shortness of the haircut, which prevents the head from overheating in combat, the hairstyle is also worn by various military institutions around the world. True to the motto form follows function! 

The Kollegah hairstyle

The rapper wears his Kollegah hairstyle as a classic flattop, i.e. the boxer cut. As the name suggests, the hair is flat, the top hair is flat and the sides are very short. A crew haircut intended for men, aka the Kollegah hairstyle. The boxer cut is a simple and functional haircut, even when unstyled. He doesn't need any pomade or anything like that.  The sides are kept short, the main hair is left a little longer. The boxer cut hairstyle can of course also be styled in everyday life outside of the boxing ring. The longer the hair, the more extroverted and individual the Kollegah hairstyle becomes.

As you have read, the Kollegah hairstyle is not difficult to imitate and can be yours too. For more detailed information, you should simply visit your trusted barber and have a photo of the rapper with you. He will conjure up the Kollegah hairstyle and the matching beard on your skull in no time. As always, you can of course find the right care products and styling tools in our premium shop!

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