The perfect hairstyle as a wedding guest – 5 points that will make you ponder

Die perfekte Frisur als Hochzeitsgast – 5 Punkte die dich ins Grübeln bringen

The perfect hairstyle as a wedding guest – 5 points that will make you ponder

Oh, you green nine! The time has come when the first friends are starting families and getting married. Inevitably the first associated celebrations begin. The celebration is exuberant and the wedding couple rightly celebrate their special day.

The questions that concern the appropriate wedding gift, which usually consist of gifts of money and things for the household or involve short city trips, are perhaps the ones with the lowest level of appreciation. For visitors to a wedding reception, their own appearance is usually much more important. The core theme is the perfect, perhaps romantic look, a high-quality outfit and an appropriate hairstyle. But how do you approach this topic?

Women are usually well advised by their friends, whether braided braids, braided hair or an elegant updo with the right make-up. Women just know how it works.

For men, such a situation is approached differently. The rumor that men are not as experienced as women when it comes to fashion still persists to this day. But why?

In 2019, this claim should be obsolete. Men these days are fashion conscious and in many cases know how to dress and how to push their own look to the extreme. Looking great is in. Nevertheless, the question often arises, “What is the right hairstyle for a wedding guest?”

We have chosen exactly this topic for the Charlemagne Premium Blog today and will tell you what makes the perfect hairstyle as a wedding guest. Have fun reading.

A wedding guest hairstyle

There is no such thing as a festive hairstyle or a classic hairstyle for a celebratory occasion. As a wedding guest, you are an individual. Only a look that suits you can make a good hairstyle for a wedding guest.

The perfect hairstyle as a wedding guest – 5 points that will make you ponder

Which type and therefore which hairstyle as a wedding guest

A classic parting, paired with a fashionable haircut for medium-length hair, a fashionable undercut or perhaps the flowing lion's mane-like head hair, is not an exclusion criterion. What matters is your appearance and the look that goes with it.

If you are more of a Nordic Viking type, long hair is also suitable. If you are the sporty type, a short haircut, i.e. the hairstyle as a wedding guest, is more suitable for the occasion. Get advice from friends, but especially from your barber.

What should I do?

First and foremost, you should look well-groomed. A suit in fashionable colors that fits the occasion, as well as matching accessories, which normally shouldn't go beyond a men's wristwatch and a pocket square, are definitely appropriate at a wedding reception. However, your type is crucial here too. Find out about the current trend in fashion magazines. This is how you will find your goal. A great alternative is style advice from a professional, which of course also involves a monetary factor. As a wedding guest, your hairstyle will be tailored to the overall concept by a specialist. Practically a change of style.

The bride and groom want an overall concept

We are unanimously of the opinion that such a Barbie wedding, in which the bride and groom demands a certain haircut from you, does not fit our worldview.

Nobody should allow themselves to be taken advantage of when it comes to the hair on their head. Changing your hairstyle as a wedding guest also means that it will remain part of you even after the wedding party. You should never accept such demands. You are who you are and if that isn't enough, you are fundamentally out of place at a wedding like this.

The perfect hairstyle as a wedding guest – 5 points that will make you ponder

The good old beard

The beard is a crucial element in the context of the main hair, i.e. the hairstyle as a wedding guest. In order to get the right cut for this too, your barber will be of great help here too. He is the professional. He knows what he is doing and what you want.

As you can read, acting as a wedding guest is not that difficult. With the help of your barber, you will quickly find a suitable hairstyle as a wedding guest. Simply let yourself be advised and let the expertise of your hairdresser apply to your look. So you can safely assume that you will have the right look and the associated hairstyle as a wedding guest on the day. As always, you can find the right care products to complete your look in our Charlemagne Premium Shop. Because always remember one thing:

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The perfect hairstyle as a wedding guest – 5 points that will make you ponder

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