The Paul Pogba hairstyle – Five points that fascinate about the hairstyle

Die Paul Pogba Frisur – Fünf Punkte was an der Frisur fasziniert

The Paul Pogba hairstyle – Five points that fascinate about the hairstyle

The football world is full of creative hairstyles. The pioneer David Beckham laid the foundation for the broad masses of unusual hairstyles and trends that shaped the target groups through the “Player Style”.

The footballer Paul Labile Pogba does something similar, because he also changes his styles almost like other people change their underwear. But which Paul Pogba hairstyle does the good man wear and what accounts for its obvious phenomenon? It was precisely because of these questions that we realized that the topic was definitely suitable for a blog post. That's why we'll explain the topic today in the Charlemagne Premium Blog and, in the process, we'll look at the Pogba hairstyle today. Happy reading!

Who the hell is Paul Pogba?

Paul Labile Pogba is a French footballer. Born on March 15, 1993, the good man has been under contract with Manchester United since August 2016. His transfer to this club made football history as the most expensive transfer at the time.

He is currently playing in the English Premier League. The highest division in English football and therefore in the top level of the English league system, in which 20 clubs currently take part in a round of matches that is played between August and May of the following year.

In 2018, Pogba also achieved the career success of becoming world champion as a member of the French national team.


The constantly changing Paul Pogba hairstyles, a brief overview of the highlights


At the age of fifteen, Pogba developed into one of the most sought-after young players in Europe in Machester United's youth team. At that time, his Pogba hairstyle in particular was still very subtle. He's a really sweet boy who loves playing football. But times are changing!



The year 2016 was definitely a year marked by Pogba's hairstyle


The footballer, whose ancestors come from Guinea, shocked with a crazy leopard look in his hair. The Pogba hairstyle is once again attracting attention.

Shortly afterwards, a new style is announced.

“Dabbing” is “in” in 2016

Whether it's the basketball superstar LeBron, Jesse Lingard or Cam Newton. The “Dab Pose” is a seasonal trend. Pogba is probably the biggest fan of the movement. His own hairstyle is marked with the words “DAB”. Once again a trend setting, which is hardly inferior to the Pokeball in the same year and in its same year. At the same time as the emerging mobile phone game “Pokémon Go”

In addition to a mohawk in a striped pattern, i.e. partially bleached hair, these were probably the good man's most public looks. As you can see, Pogba likes his hairstyle to be colorful.


The Paul Pogba hairstyle as part of his role as an ambassador against racism in 2017


It's August 2017! With a new style, the Paul Pogba hairstyle will make headlines again, especially at the time when the trendsetter was elected ambassador against racism.

He had the colors white and red colored as stripes on the pages. The back of his head is even more interesting.

The young man had the hashtag #equal, the English word for “equal,” shaved into his hair. The second most expensive player in the world, also the face of UEFA's “Equal Game” campaign against racism in football, was born.


As you could read, the Paul Pogba hairstyle can't even be differentiated. The Paul Pogba hairstyle is rather a constant change that you as a fan and emulator can only keep up with. However, if you intend to have a Paul Pogba hairstyle for yourself, it is helpful to take a photo of your idol and thus the Pogba hairstyle with you to your barber. He will know what to do based on the photography and give you that unusual look. Since the look is of course necessarily linked to styling and care products, you have to take a look at our Charlemagne Premium Shop. Matching pomade and other great tools can be yours there! Stay tuned!



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