The Fasson hairstyle – A classic among men’s haircuts

Die Fasson Frisur – Ein Klassiker unter den Männerhaarschnitten

The Fasson hairstyle – A classic among men’s haircuts

At the latest when you see your trusted barber, the same questions always come up.

Do I stick with the tried and tested cut or do I try something new today? A new look never hurt anyone and a “remake” and “makeover” is always well received, especially among women.

So which haircut should I get? Do I dare to try out a new, perhaps even modern look like the one worn by the leading actor in my current favorite film? Many questions in one go. This often causes potential customers to sweat a bit in the barbershop and tried and tested methods inevitably work best.

“As always, please” is the most common answer when asked what cut you would like. But this exact situation does not have to arise. In order to be able to give you a little help, we will focus on the main hair in today's Charlemagne Premium Blog Post.


The Fasson hairstyle – A classic among men’s haircuts

The men's hairstyle, if you don't dare, you don't win


The topic of haircuts for men is more present than ever. A man of the world values ​​his appearance. It's not just care, clothing and a perfectly trimmed beard that are an issue. The hairstyle in particular has increasingly become a man's status symbol. At this point we would like to quote “Patrick Bateman”, the protagonist of the film American Psycho. Embodied by Christian Bale in his prime, one of the most formative quotes comes out during the film, which also fits our topic very well:


Bateman why are you acting so stupid?" Patrick Bateman: "I'm just a damn happy follower. Rockin and Rollin."

It has to be individual

What do we want to tell you with this? Many masters of creation simply don't walk around individually enough. A good example is the widespread wearing of a radical undercut or the mushroom hairstyle of the 90s. Basically, there's nothing wrong with going with the trend. But trends end. It's so easy to find a hairstyle that suits your own look. More precisely, today it's all about a classic in the area of ​​men's haircuts, a truly timeless trend due to its individual customization options. The so-called Fasson hairstyle.

Hairstyle classics, a topic that should not only appeal to women


The world also offers tailor-made hairstyle classics for the men of creation. These include, among countless others, sometimes more fashionable and sometimes outdated, the currently frequently worn style of hairstyle. No matter whether Hollywood or on the street. The look of the Fasson hairstyle is omnipresent. Rightly so, in our opinion. A look like a fancy hairstyle has a right to exist if it can catapult itself to the top of the trends again and again. Due to its high degree of individual freedom due to the different cut variants, the haircut offers a lot of freedom. And another important criterion: Men of all ages can wear this style wonderfully.

The cut of the style hairstyle

The Facon hairstyle, often described as a Facon cut, is a classic “fade hairstyle.” In plain language, this means that your head hair forms a transition between the top hair and its sides.

The hair is cut shortest in the area of ​​the neck contour and on the sides of your head and is trimmed to the upper top hair in a flowing transition and continuously longer. Just a style hairstyle.

Ultimately, this results in the following result: The natural growth of your hair is taken into account and any unevenness in your head is compensated for in a clever way.

The Fasson hairstyle – A classic among men’s haircuts

Thanks to this clever approach, there is a variant for each person and their head shape to individually adapt the shape cut. To do this, the gradations of the transition and the contours are individually adapted to your person.

A possible combination of variants of the undercut lead to an extremely striking appearance.

Harmoniously flowing transitions with tapering neck hairs, the “slicked back” and precisely cleanly cut contours lead to a very cool business look.

It is important that your barber can use your linguistic support to decide whether the more flowing or the more striking look suits you. In short, the style of hairstyle and its designs are almost endless.

Styling the style haircut

The styling of the style cut is practically as individual as the haircut itself. Experimentation is welcome here. No matter whether neatly groomed, bed look or just extravagant. The only thing that matters here is the wearer themselves.

It is important to know that depending on your hair type , you should also use the right styling product to tame your mane. You can achieve good results with pomade , or with stubborn hair with hair wax. A matte finish, which goes hand in hand with the styling products, completes your style.

As you have read, the Fasson hairstyle offers the great advantage of being adaptable to each person and their look and thus being able to create an individual look even in times of emerging trends. Paired with a well-groomed beard, the Fasson hairstyle creates a truly elegant look. We recommend that you make an appointment with your trusted barber and get advice about the complete package straight away, because:


“A healthy and well-groomed beard is important for a real man, that’s why we offer everything you need to keep yours doing so.”

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The Fasson hairstyle – A classic among men’s haircuts

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