The best 5 tips for dyeing your beard

Die besten 5 Tipps zum Bart färben

The best 5 tips for dyeing your beard

You know it: the blonde fluff on the face of the reasonably proud “beard” wearer doesn’t really want to grow and become fuller. Of course, a full male beard or clean beard styles are not really possible. As a rule, it is said that the young man does not want to wait years to see his full beard sprout.

The situation is similar with a hair color that doesn't really appeal. Why shorten or postpone the moment of graying that many people inevitably experience? So how can you remedy this situation? Correct! Dying your beard is the keyword of the day.

What do you want to achieve?

In advance, you have to be aware of how your future beard look and of course the associated color should look in connection with your person. If you are a lighter person when it comes to hair color, you should be aware that a black beard, i.e. the Glöckler look, will look rather ridiculous on you. In contrast, a gray beard also has a full head of hair that (still) has a strong color. The middle ground should always be the goal here.

The preparatory work

Before you can dye your beard and give it a new look, you should first shape your beard. Whether contouring or trimming your beard hair to length are important first steps before you get started. No, not what you mean, as always we are talking about beard hair and shaving.

Dyeing the beard

Beard dyes are available in a wide variety of colors and from different manufacturers. As already mentioned, it is important to find the right color for who you are. As soon as you have made this decision, possibly based on other people's opinions on the topic, you can start dyeing your beard.

First: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! Beard dye A is different from B. Some are mixed, others just need to be shaken well within their packaging to make them ready for use.

The application at the place of use, i.e. the beard hair, is usually always the same. The color is applied to the beard hair and distributed using an aid, usually a comb included in the packaging. After a product-specific exposure time, the beard is washed thoroughly.

The best 5 tips for dyeing your beard

Caring for beard hair and the new color

If you want to color your beard, you don't have to compromise on care; in fact, treating it with color requires more effort in terms of moisture. Many dyes have the property of making the hair look dull and drying out the hair. The use of suitable care products is therefore strongly recommended.

The regularity of dyeing

Hair dye, or in this case more specifically the color in your beard, has the property of washing out over time. For hair lengths such as a short beard, say a three-day beard, the associated loss of color is not a problem. Ultimately, you will be trimming your beard hair more often and cutting off the resulting growth and your natural hair color. This means that, in the best case scenario, you will have to recolor regularly to prevent the aforementioned approach.

Actionism is required here. As the name suggests, a 3 day beard has the mandatory lifespan of 3-5 days. This cycle must therefore not only be followed when trimming beard hair, but also when dyeing your beard. You will certainly recognize that this entertaining nature requires a lot of care on your part.

The best 5 tips for dyeing your beard

However, if you prefer to have the classic full beard with an indeterminate length on your face, dyeing your beard will become a minor matter. Beard hairline is usually not really visible under the thickly grown hair, so only washing out the color is relevant. Here you have to use your subjective assessment to decide when it is time to add a color shade. A real time frame depends on your sensitivity to the respective optics.

Through the previous tips we have shown you how easy it can be to counteract certain color problems in life. Only you can decide how you ultimately decide and deal with the issue of dyeing your beard. We think that it can be a great tool, especially in the years of waiting for “real” growth, to make your beard appear thicker and fuller. If you have decided to wear your beard and want to care for it properly, you will of course find the right products for it, as always, in the Charlemagne Premium Shop!