The beard stencil - What does the "Paint by Numbers" tool do?

Die Bart Schablone - Was bringt das "Malen nach Zahlen" Werkzeug?

The beard stencil - What does the "Paint by Numbers" tool do?

In today's Charlemagne Premium blog entry we will discuss a currently trendy beard styling tool. We're talking about the ubiquitous beard stencil. In theory, this is a shaving template for the perfect look of facial hair.

We will try to discuss whether such a beard template is suitable as a shaving aid for you based on the following points.

Traditional or quick and easy?

As is so often the case, the beard community is usually divided into two camps when it comes to new, modern toys for beard care.

Some love it and jump on the new bandwagon. The other side of the scene, on the other hand, has absolutely nothing to do with inventions like the beard stencil. When it comes to beard grooming, she prefers to stick to traditional methods.

First, you should ask yourself which of the two positions you find yourself in. You should also reflect on whether the promised benefits of a tool can actually be achieved. People often invest their nerve and money in highly touted gimmicks only to end up resorting to tried-and-tested methods.

Only you can form your own opinion on this fundamental topic, even with the greatest promises.

The beard stencil - What does the "Paint by Numbers" tool do?

The statements

Beard stencils are made in a wide variety of materials and designs and are offered on the market. What matters is the basic shape of your facial hair. Whether whiskers, three-day stubble or Henriquatre. The beard stencil of your choice dictates the final shape, similar to baking cookies.

The material of a beard stencil

It should be added here that there are limits to the materiality of a beard stencil. An inflexible material such as wood, which would of course give the tool a beautiful and rustic look, is not suitable as a stencil due to its lack of flexibility. The same applies to a stainless steel beard stencil. Far from it that the contact heat of this material would certainly not be a joy on the face when applied.

Plastics with the highest possible adaptability to a face shape are the key to success here. This is the only way to ensure that you can apply the selected template correctly to your face.

A beard stencil with a comb

Many beard stencils are designed to shine with additional gadgets. In addition to the function of shaping for shaving, many of the beard stencils found online serve with an integrated comb.

The idea behind it is of course not bad. But the function and implementation only corresponds to good will. Prongs that are far too short, often only four in number, have nothing in common with a real beard comb and only partially fulfill their purpose. It should be clearly stated here that a beard stencil is not intended as a comb and cannot replace one.

The beard stencil - What does the "Paint by Numbers" tool do?

The man is himself

Many places on the Internet offer video instructions on how to build a beard template yourself. If you are unsure whether such a beard stencil will deliver what it promises, building it yourself would be an opportunity to gain initial experience before making a possible purchase. After all, it is not for nothing that it is said that the man is himself.

As you have read, a beard stencil can quickly and easily help people shape their beard a little. The template can definitely help with trimming, especially in moments of time constraints. However, we have unanimously come to the decision that no beard stencil in the world can replace traditional methods and the associated experience in beard grooming. In particular, a barber's professional beard haircut cannot be compared with a shave created using a beard stencil.

In order to be able to see how to use such a stencil before making a purchase and form your own opinion, a video guide can also provide information here. The Internet offers information on the subject of beard stencils in many places.

If you are more interested in dealing with your beard and the associated tools in a traditional way, you will of course find a wealth of high-quality tools in our Charlemagne Premium Shop. As always, you can learn how to deal with it through our ever-growing Charlemagne blog. So you too are prepared for an easy, quick and perfect shave. Stay tuned.


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