The Arturo Vidal hairstyle – the head of the former Bayern star

Die Arturo Vidal Frisur– Das Haupt des ehemaligen Bayern Star

The Arturo Vidal hairstyle – the head of the former Bayern star

Arturo Vidal, also known as the Warrior, is probably one of the most extroverted football players of our time. Tattooed and styled on the field, he is not only a football fashion icon but also a heartthrob. But how does the young Chilean do it? A perfectly legitimate question that fans and imitators can ask themselves. Due to the high demand, in today's Charlemagne Premium Blog Post we will go into the Arturo Vidal hairstyle and show you how you can transform into a Latin American football warrior.  Have fun reading the text about the Arturo Vidal hairstyle for men!

The person behind the footballer Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal is a footballer for FC Barcelona. Before his move, he played for FC Bayern and was also a two-time participant in the World Cup for the Chilean national team. Born in 1987, he found his way to Europe at the young age of 20 to be able to bring his football talent to the pitch. Not only because of his extroverted look, but also because of his Arturo Vidal hairstyle, the young man is also known as the “Chilean warrior”, the old tackle king, because of his tough pace on the pitch!

Latin American warrior what makes the Arturo Vidal hairstyle

The footballer Arturo Vidal is called the “Chilean Warrior” for a reason. His sometimes brutal demeanor on the football field matches his look. The comb styled mohawk with wet shaved sides  The Arturo Vidal hairstyle contributes no less to this, as do his many tattoos, which are quickly reminiscent of an Indian warrior who literally hunts his opponents on the field. As mentioned, the good man cuts the comb on his hair like the Iroquois did back in the day. The sides as well as the neck are completely removed from the hair. You can find out how you can call the Mohawk your own here.

Even the beard has a styling like the Arturo Vidal hairstyle

The warrior's beard is also crucial to his look. The long, tapered goatee that goes perfectly with the Arturo Vidal hairstyle because it creates good contrasts is always accurately groomed and styled. Whether it's beard pomade, or beard wax on the field due to its strength, Vidal knows what to use. The right procedure for your beard can of course be found in the Charlemagne Premium Blog.

As you have read, the Arturo Vidal hairstyle is not only extremely extroverted and striking but is actually tailored to the overall concept of Vidal as a person. The combined look of tattoos and mohawks paired with the long goatee is what characterizes the footballer's demeanor, making him appear like a warrior and not just because of his tough style on the field. If you focus on the look for yourself, remember that only the overall package looks like the real Arturo Vidal look. Hairstyle is secondary to the overall package. Since we are so free and assume at this point that you are not only interested in the look but also the appropriate styling,  At this point you have to take a look at our Charlemagne Premium Shop. Great care products for hair and beard, as well as the associated tools, will be found on the short journey to your home. Have fun browsing, because:

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