The hit shows a face with the Andreas Gabalier hairstyle

Der Schlager zeigt Gesicht mit der Andreas Gabalier Frisur

The hit shows a face with the Andreas Gabalier hairstyle

The folk rock'n'roller Andreas Gabalier. Not only can his music be found in the German charts, but Andreas Gabalier's hairstyle is also well received by fans of the German hit. The stylish haircut, which is largely characterized by the high quiff, is eye-catching and is also extremely rare in the men's world. But what makes the singer's quiff so charming? We will address these and many other questions in today's Charlemagne Premium Blog Post and bring you a little closer to the Andreas Gabalier hairstyle.

So, let's all see when it comes to the Andreas Gabalier hairstyle. Have fun reading and imitating friends.

The singer Andreas Georg Gabalier, success has a name

The person Andreas Georg Gabalier was born on November 21, 1984 in Carinthia and is therefore an Austrian singer of folk music, which is probably better known to most people under the term “Schlager”.

His 2015 album Mountain Man stayed at the top of the German charts for 114 weeks, which probably speaks for its success.  He is also the winner of countless awards, such as the German Television Award and the well-known Bambi, as well as the Echo Award.

The singer and his Andreas Gabalier hairstyle, a great one!

The Andreas Gabalier hairstyle is a classic volume hairstyle. Various stars such as Bruno Mars and Goetz Alsmann wear this rather attention-grabbing hairstyle. It's a wonder that the quiff rarely appears on men's heads. Finally, the basic shape of the Andreas Gabalier hairstyle is striking and attracts attention. In addition, due to the blow-dried volume, it inevitably makes the wearer look a few centimeters thinner greater. Perhaps the rare occurrence on men's heads is due to the fact that a quiff requires a certain length of hair, a topic that few men, no matter how interested they are, have the confidence to grow their hair. Nevertheless, it can be said that today's wearers and stars only emulate one thing. Good old Elvis Presley. His great romp was probably the starting signal for the wave of our folk rock n roller Andreas Gabalier. Hairstyle and image say it all.

How do you style your Andreas Gabalier hairstyle?

The shape of a quiff is largely determined by the length of the bangs and the cut of the remaining top hair. The shorter the sides of the hair are trimmed, the more dominant a styled quiff like the Andreas Gabalier hairstyle will be on the viewer. A good example here is the musician and presenter Goetz Alsmann. Bruno Mars, on the other hand, wears his quiff more dignified. The transition between the sides and top hair is “softer” and not hard like the undercut.

The quiff is first styled by blow-drying towel-dried hair, preferably with the help of volume foam and a comb. The hair can then be shaped into the desired shape using pomade. You can of course find the right tools in the Charlemagne Premium Shop.

Of course, a man of the world doesn't have to fear gray hair either. Rather, strands make the look more interesting and give the hair accents. The pomade in particular makes your hair look nice and shiny, which rounds off the look as a whole.

As you have read, the quiff is not a doctoral thesis and can be achieved by any man with longer bangs. As always, you can of course find the right tools to create your hair, but especially the right beard, in the Charlemagne Premium Shop, because:

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