Straightening your beard, how does it actually work?

Den Bart glätten, wie funktioniert das eigentlich?

Straightening your beard, how does it actually work?

Today we will address the special topic of “straightening your beard” in the Charlemagne Premium blog post presented to you.

Most men have thicker facial hair than their actual head hair could possibly have.

This thick beard hair naturally also has the tendency to be unruly or frizzy at times.

This creates a structure and shape, especially during the nighttime hours of sleep, that can only be remedied with the help of some products.

Especially after getting up, your facial hair often tends to look a little disheveled. Whether beard oil, pomade and beard wax or, in the last resort, perhaps a mini straightening iron. The world of hair care also offers many options to support you in your goals.

But first of all, curly and unruly, even crimped hair definitely has its own charm.

Nevertheless, especially for those who wear the hair described, what is often only interesting is what you can't have at the moment.

Since we assume for now that you found your way to this blog post because you want to straighten your beard, you should read on to get there.

We will show you how you can get your beard styling neatly in shape and straighten your beard using the five points below.

Straightening your beard, how does it actually work?

Blow dry!

You will already know it from your hair. The good old hair dryer brings your wet hair into a certain shape through the drying process, which only needs to be kept in this shape by increasing the amount of care products.

Blow-drying your beard produces similar results. With the help of a round brush, hair that has grown longer can be brought into the perfect shape. If you have previously treated your hair with care products such as beard oil for a certain period of time, your beard will also be supple enough to be moved in the right direction by the hairdryer. Straighten your beard and do it completely ecologically without any additional products or the addition of chemicals that we deplore!

Brush, brush, brush...

No matter how you want to shape your beard hair, brushing your facial hair in particular is extremely important to straighten your beard. In addition, a beard brush can distribute the various care products into your beard hair much better than your fingers ever could. Practically a win-win situation! When straightening your beard, you not only apply your chosen care product neatly and evenly to your hair, but also groom it at the same time. In addition, a beard brush removes practically all existing impurities such as dust and food residue in the same wash. You can of course also find a great and high-quality beard brush in our Charlemagne Premium Shop.

You can find out more about this topic from our Maggi here:

Beard oil. Smooth structure only with a care product

Beard oil is one of the most common and popular means of caring for a beard. After a treatment with the elixir, your beard will shine with a silky shine and will also be softer and supple.

This is due to the moisture introduced. The beard hair stores these and can thus calm the internal tensions in the hair. If your tension in your beard hair is mild to moderate, you have already found a solution to straighten your beard here. If your beard hair requires somewhat stronger products, you're on the right track with our next tip,

Straightening your beard, how does it actually work?

Pomade and beard wax


Similar to beard oil, pomade has the ability to add moisture to your beard hair. As already mentioned at the beginning, this makes your beard hair soft and supple. This also has the effect that you can straighten the beard in this way.

The situation is different with Beardwax. Beard wax is particularly intended for styling and twirling difficult hairstyles on the face, such as being able to shape a twirled mustache. Not for daily hair care.

Instead of having the desired effect of smoothing and making your beard supple, Bavarian beard care in particular makes your beard hair very stiff. It's just a styling product.


Do like your girlfriend, take the straightener


Although less considered in the men's world, a straightening iron can also serve its purpose on a beard. However, when straightening your beard it is often less useful to use large-format straightening irons. The devices created for the female gender are also tailored to the corresponding long hair hairstyles. Because the heat of such an aid can sometimes pose a risk of burning your face, you should consider alternatives on the market. Originally intended for travel or short hairstyles, they also have great results when it comes to straightening your beard.

Of course we didn't miss the opportunity to test such an Apparollo. You can see what came out of it here:

Before using such a tool, you should make sure not to use any beard care products, as they will only burn you. An exception to this is special heat protection, which usually prevents the hair from burning up to 225 degrees Celsius and supports it in regeneration. Note: Any heat will dry out your hair. The heat method forms the end of our methods for straightening the beard and works even on bushy beards like that of the robber Hotzenplotz. Nevertheless, the method should only be used sporadically, not only because of the heat but also because of the considerable amount of time involved.

Straightening your beard, how does it actually work?

As you have read, a "wispy" beard also needs to be straightened and should not cause gray hair to grow. By using suitable beard care products, you can also achieve great beard results with little effort, depending on your disposition and the resulting beard hair You can of course find the right products in our Charlemagne Premium Shop.

“A healthy and well-groomed beard is important for a real man, that’s why we offer everything you need to keep yours doing so.”

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