Permanent hair removal from a man’s beard – a daring undertaking

Dauerhafte Haarentfernung eines Männer Bart – Ein waghalsiges Unterfangen

Permanent hair removal from a man’s beard – a daring undertaking

Hello men! A frequently discussed topic in the men's world, whether smooth skin or rather coarse, is the permanent hair removal of men's beards. For many men, mostly for professional reasons, shaving every day is a duty. Even breathing apparatus wearers with a beard, rather without or the classic and required business look. Shaving is still an issue. Whether it is sparse or the exact opposite, namely the disproportionate growth of the beard, it drives men to think about wanting to permanently remove their beard hair. Whether this procedure is successful remains a topic of discussion. Whether annoyed by your own beard or an unsatisfactory overall appearance of the beard can definitely lead to the wearer feeling sad.

Because of this, today we will address the topic of “permanent hair removal from a man’s beard” and try to offer basic assistance to one or other of the gentlemen of creation and to show whether this procedure represents a real solution. Happy reading!

Permanent hair removal from a man’s beard – a daring undertaking

Hair removal itself – a short version.

Whether laser or ILP light removal. Both methods use high-energy light to permanently remove hair from men's beards on the face or neck and to permanently destroy hair. Since the exact physical processes are rather irrelevant to actual success and, in our opinion, incomprehensible even for mere mortals, including ourselves, we will discuss two treatment methods below instead of boring you with formulas.

First, the hair on the areas to be treated is shaved. Afterwards, a gel is applied to the areas.

The practitioner or you yourself move the handpiece of the laser device over the skin of the neck or face. The focused laser pulses or lights from the ILP devices are absorbed by the hair - more precisely by its color pigments.

The light energy turns into heat.

The short-term temperature of over 68 degrees Celsius on average practically evaporates the hair follicle.

Follicles and hair roots are destroyed. As a result, hair no longer grows in these areas. For a period of time

Permanent hair removal from a man’s beard – a daring undertaking

Treatment using the ILP procedure can be helpful.

The IPL treatment, i.e. the light-based permanent hair removal of men's beards, the so-called ILP procedure, can free you from facial hair.

IPL stands for “Intense Pulsed Light” – intensely emitted, pulsating light. Similar to laser hair removal, short, strong flashes of light are directed via the color pigments in the hair into the roots. This means that dark beard hair in particular has a higher success factor than light hair. This of course applies to body hair as well as the beard hair mentioned here.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, this approach is only crowned with laurels for a while. When IPL is removed, the hair roots are also destroyed for X period of time. However, these IPL devices can also be purchased for home use. Permanent hair removal, which is not the same as final hair removal, can therefore also be carried out at home by the average average consumer.


The clever middle ground or side effects when it comes to permanent hair removal from men's beards.

Sure, of course. There is of course also purpose-oriented and permanent hair removal from a men's beard. “Stray beard hair that cannot be assigned to a real style can of course be stolen from us in the grooming world. But the whole thing only makes sense if there are no side effects for us when we consider permanent hair removal from men's beards.

Permanent hair removal from a man’s beard – a daring undertaking

So there can be side effects. Correct handling of the device can lead to redness or even swelling of the facial skin. These remnants usually disappear quickly and do not leave any subsequent damage.

Only incorrect handling of the devices used can result in burns. It is important to note that the facial skin should not be too tanned during permanent hair removal from a man's beard. A person who likes to use the classic Asi toaster is almost unsuitable for such a treatment for permanent hair removal from a man's beard, because there is a risk of pigment shifts. But these also resolve themselves over time.


As you have read, the permanent hair removal of a man's beard is not always a success, but rather a decision that you make for the rest of your life and cannot be reversed once it has been removed. You should be aware in advance that permanent hair removal from a man's beard will still involve shaving. Probably the main factor that men want to counteract. So make the right decision and shape the beard you have into the best it can offer you. At this point we can only suggest one thing to you:


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