Beard contours – why they are so important

Bart Konturen – Warum sie so wichtig sind

Beard contours – why they are so important

Wearing facial hair is handled extremely individually. One wearer likes his beard hair as long as possible, another neat and cropped short. But both men of creation have one thing in common, because there is no getting around this fact. The beard contours must look well-groomed.

But in which area are the beard contours generally meant and how exactly can you move them into the right shape?

More about this in the first part, which we shot in the barber shop “Kings Barber” in Aachen

Are there guidelines for the correct styling of the contours or is it, as is so often the case, “the man is the man”? We will address these and many other questions below to show you how you can bring your wild beard contours to “clean contours” status. Have fun researching!

Beard contours – why they are so important

What is so important about shaving the contours

Beard care, shaving of facial hair and of course the associated spectacle of shaving the beard contours are an essential part of the beard grooming procedure. In particular, sideburns and mustaches as well as their beard contours affect how the beard looks and make your beard look well-groomed. A point at which the wheat is separated from the chaff, to briefly illustrate the situation.

More on this in the second part at Kings Barber:

What is actually meant by beard contours?

Of course, when you let your beard grow, your facial hair doesn't know where you want it to be visible. The transitions, i.e. the beard contours of your face, must be shaped accordingly. So you have to leave the desired hair as per your styling and shave the unwanted hair. But how do you do it all? One or two tools for beard grooming will serve you well.

Which tools help you shape beard contours?


With the help of an electric hair length shaver, also known as a beard trimmer, you can first remove the excess hair for your desired styling in order to create the basic look that goes with it. To do this, when the hair is dry, the device is guided along the area of ​​the visible contours and mechanically cuts off the unwanted hair in these areas. We will discuss the cleanliness of the remaining stubble in the next point, because:

Beard contours – why they are so important

Of course, even when trimming the beard contours, hair remains:

After you have trimmed your excess hair in the area of ​​the beard contours, there will remain hair stubble as already mentioned. Now it’s time to have a pre-shave! First, moisten your face with warm or lukewarm water. This causes the pores in your skin to open and the beard hair to become softer. An elementary tool for trimming your beard hair.

To continue the pre-shaving procedure, use shaving foam or beard soap in the area of ​​the beard contours to be shaved and apply this extremely helpful tool to the area of ​​your face in these areas. So the remaining stubble is now the next step in the series.

These can be removed with the help of a razor, whether rigid or interchangeable. Such a knife is extremely precise in its operation and can therefore cut off your stubble in the area of ​​the beard contours perfectly at the level of your facial skin.

This approach poses a higher risk of injury, particularly with the beard contours on the neck. Razors are sharp as hell and can easily sever your carotid artery if used incorrectly. Some people will remember the strikingly calm moment when a trusted barber placed the knife in the area of ​​the neck or ears. The motto, at least uniformly in our group, was always “don’t move now”. You will know what is meant.

Otherwise, we will clarify further in the third part of our barbershop series at Kings Barber:

What do I do after trimming my beard?


After the pre-shave, after-shave is the order of the day. The market offers great aids such as aftershave balm, which are particularly suitable for curbing your facial skin and the reactions associated with shaving. By using the products, your skin can relax and continue to exist as before. You can also find additions to these great properties in other products. As always, you will of course find exactly these in the Charlemage Premium Shop , because:

Beard contours – why they are so important

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