Everything you should know about beard trimming tools

Alles was du über das Werkzeug zum Bart Stutzen wissen solltest

Everything you should know about beard trimming tools

The possibly golden hair shimmers in the summer light and blows in the wind. Should that be all by now? Maybe I want to get more out of my facial hair by giving it the right cut? Just trim your beard yourself or go to my trusted barber? What's the point, he's the man himself, so get to the bacon, er beard of course!

Trimming your beard can be done in many different ways. Whether beard scissors, razors or a classic beard trimmer, such as a beard trimmer with an electric drive. Many paths lead to the goal.

So we have taken up the topic of beard trimming and will try to bring it closer to the men's world in today's Charlemagne Premium Blog Post, because beard trimming is a two-way street. That's why we'll first introduce you to the classic scissors for trimming your beard, you guessed it!

The beard scissors

Of course, there is no need to explain classic scissors as such. The bass scissors, on the other hand, have their own but certainly great advantages. Thanks to the small, rounded tips and the handy design, almost hidden hair on the face can be captured and the user can trim the beard. It is important to note that beard clippers behave similarly to textile scissors. Beard scissors are only intended for beard hair. This has the advantage that the blades do not become dull and you will enjoy your tool for a long time.

Beard scissors

Using a beard clipper makes sense, especially if you have longer beard hair. Stormy, protruding hair can also be trimmed individually to match the look.

In our opinion, the beard scissors are a must for all bearded people and their care sets!

Now that you have successfully trimmed your beard to length, whether short or long, it is now time to “shape the contours”.

The beard trimmer

Beard trimmers, also known as timmers or simply razors, are used to capture several beard hairs at the same time using an electric drive and thus trim the beard.

This is done with the help of a small motor that is coupled to a blade via a deflection and causes it to “cut”, usually on a small comb. The big advantage is that you can capture a lot of hair at the same time. Not only is the accuracy better for non-professionals, but there is also a time factor involved. It's hard to imagine what we bearded people would do without this technical achievement. A razor is absolutely essential when it comes to beard care.

Philips and the Braun brand have good devices on the market for beginners and professionals. If you are interested in this tool, just browse the blog. You will find what you are looking for. But be careful. The trimming of the contours should always be carried out more precisely when trimming the beard. Therefore our third favorite:


The razor


The razor has very special advantages. Thanks to its extremely sharp cutting edge, it can cut your beard hair extremely short. This makes trimming your beard very accurate and clean. In our Charlemagne Premium Program we have already reported several times about razors with a change ring or starting line. In order not to ignore this topic, you should read this blog post to give your beard trimming a little professionalism. But keep in mind that you will also find a very important tool useful:

The shaving soap

As mentioned, trimming your beard with a razor is of course an important tool. The shaving soap. Only when opened properly does it develop the optimal lubricating film on your skin between it and the knife blade. The beard hairs are cut off directly on the surface of the skin by the razor. The result is an extremely clean skin surface, which, as mentioned, makes your contours in particular appear accurate.

Trimming your beard is and remains essential

The 3-day beard or whether a Viking look is worn after letting the hair grow. Sooner or later the time comes to trim your beard or cut your beard.

A trimmed beard that is trimmed regularly and neatly into shape is the be-all and end-all if you want to get your facial hair into shape. Rather, a principle when you wear a beard. Stubborn hairs are regularly trimmed to the same length when trimming the beard.

As you've read, it's not that difficult to trim your beard correctly after you've let your beard hair grow. As always, you will find all the right utensils and care products for the right care in our Charlemagne Premium Shop, because your beard also needs love, it won't get better on its own!

“A healthy and well-groomed beard is important for a real man, that’s why we offer everything you need to keep yours doing so.”

Trim beard

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