Trimming your mustache, 9 essential tips for proper mustache trimming

Das Schnurrbart trimmen, 9 essenzielle Tipps zum gehörigen Oberlippenbart Trimmen

Trimming your mustache, 9 essential tips for proper mustache trimming

Long gone are the days when trimming a mustache and the associated mustache were decried as pornography. Still considered a no-go at the end of the 90s, the perfect mustache trim has the potential to make women's hearts beat faster again today.

But be careful! In particular, an unkempt mustache or an incorrectly styled shape that does not match the proportions of the face can backfire. Since you've decided to grow a tough mustache, we've made this our topic today and will show you how to trim your mustache.

Below we will explain to you using nine points how you can achieve the perfect magnum look à la Tom Selleck by carefully trimming your mustache after letting your hair grow.

9 essential tips for trimming your mustache

What are the most important tips for trimming your mustache perfectly?

1. A correct choice of color

If you have light hair, it is often useful to dye your beard in advance (light to dark brown, depending on the type). No question, you are what grows into you. Nevertheless, nature can definitely be given a helping hand in various situations. Especially at an age when the beard is still developing.

Coloring your beard hair makes your facial hair look thicker and fuller. Light-colored fuzz on the upper lip is usually unsuitable as facial hair, like your grandmother's mustache and is not intended for mustache trimming. Ok, women's beards are a harsh comparison at this point, but definitely appropriate when it comes to trimming mustaches.

2. Regular visits to the barber

In addition to the clean cut for your hair, the barber you trust is the right place to go for your facial hair. Trimming his beard is not just his hobby but his calling.

At the same time, your barber can determine the basic shape of your mustache in a professional manner and explain the appropriate shave to you.

In addition to going to the barber regularly, you should first get the right tools for trimming your mustache.

3. The mustache comb

A fine-toothed comb is essential for neatly styling a mustache. After all, no one wants to have messy hair blowing around their face.

The comb will bring your mustache's hair into the right shape with the simplest of brushing. In addition, the beard comb is of course not only intended for the mustache after trimming. Of course, the remaining beard hair also benefits from an extensive combing procedure, which was already the case with Rapunzel's long hair.

4. Beard trimmer

In conjunction with the right electric beard trimmer, your beard can get the optimal shape with a little sensitivity. The electric blade is suitable for trimming the length of the mustache. But the remaining hair is not neglected either, although in this case perhaps literally, because it is also brought to the right length with the help of the beard trimmer .

5. The right scissors

In order to be able to trim your beard, especially your mustache, it is sufficient to first get a pair of baby nail scissors. The rounded blades mean you don't run the risk of cutting your lips when you expose them to the hair above. If you prefer the more professional version, you can of course find it with us so you can trim your mustache.

6. Cutting contours

Be careful with cheap one-way razors! Even if contours can be created when trimming the mustache, any remaining stubble will remain visible. The beard hairs grow back continuously.

Beard contours should always be done with a razor. This is the only way to ensure that you get the clean look you want, especially if you grow your beard.

7. The right mustache styling

Extroverts can definitely take risks. With styling like the old emperors had, you will always stand out and keep the hip bar high. Using a variety of oils and waxes that are massaged into the beard hair will help you get your mustache into the perfect shape and keep it in this style.

8. Beard oil

Aftershave is old school. Today's man brings out the tempting scent through his facial hair. The essential oils and fragrances contained in the available male beard care products will delight you. A perfect addition to the mustache trimming procedure.

9. The right equipment

You can of course find the right utensils for perfect beard styling and mustache trimming, as well as the right care products for your new look in our shop. Here too, quality rather than quantity counts. It's better to invest a little more in total instead of investing a little money often

With the tips listed above, you will be prepared to create the modern Freddy Mercury look and stand out from the crowd. As always, we can be reached by email. But remember, how you wear your beard or how you approach mustache trimming is something only you can decide. The barber you trust will provide you with benevolent support and will be there to support you. He has the necessary experience to explain to you which look suits you and your face shape and underlines your type of man. To support these points, you can find the right beard care products in our shop, as always. Leave us your opinion on the topic of “moustache trimming” in the comments below, this is fundamental to our customer-oriented development because:


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