5 reasons why good beard wax is essential for beard styling

5 Gründe warum zum Bartstyling gute Bartwichse gehört

5 reasons why good beard wax is essential for beard styling

You will have read or heard it many times. The key word is beard wax or beard pomade.

You're probably wondering, hey?! What exactly do I have in front of me or what should I get to get my beautifully grown beard into the desired shape?

Does beard wax have other benefits than simple styling? At this point we can happily tell you: Yes it has! Whether fragrance or care. The previously mentioned care products can offer you a lot.

In the following explanations we will explain to you exactly what beard wax is, what you can do with it and, in particular, what the exact added value of these products is. We will also briefly discuss any differences between Hungarian and Bavarian beard wax, as well as the well-known beard pomade.

Beard wax, the name can seem irritating at first. We know the term more in a non-related context to men or under the well-known term “shoe cum.” We can clarify. The viscous products mentioned above have no connection to one another.

5 reasons why good beard wax is essential for beard styling

What is beard wax used for and how do I use it?


Beard wax is used to shape your full beard or mustache and, for example, to twirl it.

The application of the respective product is always the same. Depending on the length of your beard, take an appropriate amount of the styling product and rub it between your fingers. Alternatively, you can heat the material to be inserted with a hairdryer to anticipate the next step. You rub the appropriate beard wax or pomade between your fingers. As long as the material is nice and soft, you distribute and rub it into your beard hair. As you can read here, a beard brush in particular can help you distribute the respective care product evenly throughout your beard.

What is the difference between the individual products?

It is necessary to clarify the principles. There are small but subtle differences between beard wax and beard pomade. Through the following points we will explain to you what the difference is between the different products.

Beard cum

First we want to look at the beard wax, in the first case, the “Bavarian beard wax”:

  • Bavarian beard wax

Like Hungarian beard wax, Bavarian beard wax consists mainly of beeswax. The main ingredient in Bavarian beard wax is gum arabic. This addition essentially causes the shaped beard to harden more quickly and more strongly.

If you would describe yourself as an extrovert and would like to shape your beard into the most unusual shapes, Bavarian beard wax is the styling material you should use.

  • Hungarian beard wax

As already mentioned, Hungarian beard wax also consists mainly of beeswax. This natural product, paired with petroleum jelly, means that stubborn, hard beard hair in particular is made soft and supple through use. So you should use this product if your beard hair is stubborn, but you don't want it to take on strange shapes during the styling process.

When using Hungarian beard wax, the beard does not become as rigid as with Bavarian beard wax, which is why your facial hair remains flexible and malleable.

So what is beard pomade?

Basically you can say that beard pomades are not as solid in consistency as beard wax. Beard pomades are therefore an elementary product for basic beard care. Pomades can give your facial hair a well-groomed shape. A pomade is similar to the Hungarian beard wax not only in terms of its composition but also its consistency. If you are the type of man who likes to style your beard extravagantly, then your choice will be Bavarian beard wax based on the previous arguments.

5 reasons why good beard wax is essential for beard styling

The smell

You can buy beard wax, whether Hungarian or Bavarian or pomade, in a wide variety of scents. When buying, always keep in mind that this smell is not to be ignored. Ultimately, you are the first “sniffer” who will smell it in the long term. And yet, the female gender will also love the smell, especially when they are close to you.

Now you know what the product “beard wax” or “beard pomade” is all about and you are absolutely prepared for the next beard care routine (by the way, you should read this entry on the subject of beard wax). As always, you will find suitable products, the finest quality, Made in Germany in our shop. Share your experiences in the comments. For further tips and clever tricks regarding your beard, all we can say at this point is, stay tuned. With us you will always find tricks that will make your beard grow and shine to the maximum.