5 facts about Hungarian beard wax

5 Fakten über ungarische Bartwichse

5 facts about Hungarian beard wax

We have already reported several times in the past about beard wax and its various versions. As you can see, it's definitely a topic that seems worth discussing. It leaves potential buyers spoiled for choice as to what they should treat themselves to.

As already mentioned with the Bavarian beard wax, there are serious differences among the beard waxes, also known as beard waxes.

In today's blog entry we would like to discuss the properties of the Hungarian beard wax, which is the global counterpart to the Bavarian product that is more common in Germany, and bring it closer to your hearts.

It's not for nothing that we ended up discussing the topic in front of the camera!

The destination of the Hungarian beard wax

Even with the Hungarian beard wax, it is important first of all what you actually want to achieve with your facial hair.

Beard wax in general, i.e. the Bavarian as well as the Hungarian beard wax, is, just like the Bavarian beard wax, a styling product in contrast to beard oil, but it is a bit closer to beard oil.

If you have a mustache, depending on the length of your beard, Hungarian beard wax is the wrong choice and you should go for the big guns - Bavarian beard wax. Only testing can help you, because as we all know, trying is better than studying. Insofar as the Bavarian beard wax should not be “tight enough”, because in principle it is a beard pomade, only a little stronger in its composition, for example to twirl your long mustache hair, just use it. However, as with all styling, practice makes perfect and should not be neglected.

The use of the beard witch

As already explained in numerous blog postings, the application of beard wax is always the same, regardless of the type.

You take the desired amount, or rather the amount required for styling, from the, in this case usually can, and distribute it into your beard with your hands. In many cases it is useful to temper the mass a little beforehand so that it can be removed more easily from the container. The Hungarian beard wax doesn't require the same haste as, for example, the Bavarian beard wax. It does not harden so quickly and hard and can therefore be spread wonderfully without running the risk of being “overrun” by the hardening of the product. But please keep this in mind too. Beard wax is a styling product, of course it provides partial care, but is primarily intended to shape your beard hair and thus achieve the desired look.

The main ingredients of Hungarian beard wax:

The main ingredients of Hungarian beard wax are essentially fats, specifically petroleum jelly, mixed with beeswax to give it the necessary strength. In addition, both substances have the properties to provide moisture without having to resort to chemicals or alcohol. A clear plus point, because these substances usually tend to be counterproductive and dry out your hair. As already mentioned in this blog entry ( Bavarian beard wax ), a Bavarian beard wax also contains gum arabic, which is completely omitted in the Hungarian beard wax.

The benefits of Hungarian beard wax

Of course, the Hungarian beard wax is also enriched with great scents that make every man's, but especially a woman's, heart beat faster. In addition, the Hungarian beard wax neither hardens particularly quickly nor has such a strong structure that it can become unpleasant for the wearer if the mass is used too much.

The disadvantages of Hungarian beard wax

The not very strong structure, in relation to the Bavarian beard wax, is also the drawback. Depending on the beard you want to style, you may have to use stronger stuff to achieve your goal. A Trabant doesn't have the same performance as a Ferrari.


Today we also tried to bring you a little closer to the styling product, the Hungarian beard wax, through the previous aspects.

If you have decided to style your beard without creating rock-hard facial hair, but still creating a certain shape, then Hungarian beard wax is the right choice for you.

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