5 facts about Bavarian beard wax

5 Fakten über die Bayrische Bartwichse

5 facts about Bavarian beard wax

Beard wax, probably a product that is available on the market in a number of versions and thus leaves potential buyers spoiled for choice.

What do I need, what effect do I want to achieve? There are serious differences between beard waxes, also known as beard waxes. In this blog we would like to discuss the properties of Bavarian beard wax and bring them a little closer to you.

Of course, Maggi will also tell you something about this in the Charlemagne Studio:

The goal of the Bavarian beard wax

First of all, as already described, it is important what you want to do with your facial hair. In contrast to beard oil, Bavarian beard wax, or beard wax in general, is a styling product. If you wear a mustache with dignity and want to twirl it, a sturdy Bavarian beard wax is ideal. You will quickly find your own way of using it and notice which product will be the best for you. In addition to Bavarian beard wax, the product “Hungarian beard wax” is also ideal for testing purposes when it comes to finding your own style. Here too, practice makes perfect.

Using the Beard Wixe

The use of beard cream, regardless of the type, is always the same. You take the desired amount, or rather the amount required for styling, from the, usually tube, and distribute it into your beard with your hands. This should be done within a manageable time frame, as Bavarian beard wax can quickly become hard. Remember that beard wax is used as a styling aid to shape certain areas of your beard and keep it there, not for everyday care. After all, you don't want to have a full beard that hangs stiffly like a board on your chin. The malleability after using Bavarian beard wax is difficult to correct afterwards.

The main ingredients of Bavarian beard wax:

As already mentioned at the beginning, Bavarian beard wax has the special property of becoming relatively hard quickly. Due to its consistency, it is ideal for twirling a goatee or moustache. The main ingredients are basically beeswax and petroleum jelly. The Bavarian beard wax also contains the ingredient gum arabic, which contributes significantly to the strong hold of the product. In addition, beard wax itself contains great fragrances, which, especially due to the fact that the mustache is located directly under your olfactory bulb, are an essential feature and almost the point of enjoyment of this product.

Gum Arabic, what does it actually mean?

Gum Arabic is the oldest type of gum in the world. The associated rubber sap from the African acacia trees is mainly referred to as the gum arabic tree. A natural rubber that can develop its high quality characteristics in many places and thus contributes to a wide variety of purposes in the end product.

The advantages and disadvantages of Bavarian beard wax

In addition to the captivating scents, the advantages of Bavarian beard wax are certainly the extremely good hold during styling. But that's exactly where the flaw lies. The good hardness of the beard wax goes hand in hand with the poor possibility of post-processing, which means that you should only use Bavarian beard wax on targeted areas of the beard.

Through the previous points we have tried to bring you a little closer to the styling product, the Bavarian beard wax. If you have decided to style your lovingly groomed beard and shape it into the shape you want, you have come to the right place with Bavarian beard wax. To complete your beard care set, you can, as always, find high-quality beard care and styling products in our Charlemagne Premium Shop.