About Us

“Created by Barbers.”

The Charlemagne Story

Friends, barbers, and beard enthusiasts united by a shared passion: that's the foundation of Charlemagne. Their story began with Shain, a skilled barber who pioneered Aachen's first authentic barbershop, and Sascha, a marketing whiz with a sharp eye for opportunity.

Their combined expertise sparked Charlemagne Barber Ventures, aiming to blend barbering excellence with marketing magic. It wasn't just about business; it was about their fervent devotion to quality grooming. Their journey began in Shain's basement lab, meticulously crafting their own beard oil recipes fueled by late nights and honest feedback from barbers and clients.

Success soon bloomed, both online and offline. Sascha's strategic efforts propelled the brand on Instagram and Facebook, followed by the launch of their own online shop. Collaborations with larger retailers further extended their reach.

Challenges arrived, like the infamous 6,000-can pomade debacle that offered valuable lessons in quality control. But they persevered, opening a flagship barbershop in the heart of Aachen. Today, their product line has flourished beyond beards, encompassing hair care and even fragrances.

Charlemagne is more than just a brand; it's the manifestation of a dream. From humble beginnings, it's evolved into a full-time endeavor with a growing team and customers captivated worldwide.

Consider them your friendly neighborhood grooming experts, constantly innovating and sharing their passion. Join them on their journey, one well-groomed head at a time.

Sascha and Shain at one of our packaging manufacturers in China

Sascha and Shain at our laboratory in Germany in front of the pomade filling plant