What defines the Henriquatre beard?

Was macht den Henriquatre Bart aus?

What defines the Henriquatre beard?

Today we will explain to you what makes the Henriquatre beard so special. The beard style, also known as goatee or named after King Ludwig IV as the royal beard, is probably one of the most famous beard cuts ever. It is one of THE classic beard cuts. Whether Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, but especially Johnny Depp have already worn this beard in their lives. But what makes the casually cool beard look?

Where does the name come from?

Many people will remember history lessons at Henriquatre at this point. Henry IV, King of France at the time, was one of the most famous bearers of this beard style and thus gave it its name.

What defines the cut of the Henriquatre beard and how do I get this style?

The Henriquatre beard is a beard arranged around the mouth, which is why it is also referred to as “around the mouth beard” in many places. Its length can range from short to longer beard hair. To shave, you need a beard trimmer and, ideally, a razor to create clean contours on your face. In the first step, the beard shape in the area of ​​the muzzle and chin is trimmed to the desired length. There are also the areas between the mouth and cheek.

Hair lengths between three and six millimeters are a good length. It is best to gradually work your way up to the desired hair length to create the look you want. Once the classic Henriquatre beard shape has been trimmed, the contours can be worked on using a razor. As always, only practice makes perfect. In particular, conjuring up the Henriquatre beard symmetrically on the face requires not only a certain talent but also sensitivity. In order to find the right proportions, especially the first time, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a professional barber.

Henriquatre Goatee Beard

Why wear Henriquatre beard?

As the name suggests, King Henry came from France. Known for her sense of style, a Frenchman has once again demonstrated the same here. The women in our environment in particular claim that the Henriquatre beard gives the wearer absolute coolness and exudes sex. This is probably one of the reasons why the already mentioned prominent bearers of this beard have in the past sometimes dated the most beautiful women in the world. In addition, the Henriquatre beard is the ideal between sportiness and business look. No matter whether it's a suit or joggers. This cut always manages to strike a balance between a well-groomed look and seriousness.

The image

Since, according to rumors, a Henriquatre beard is often worn by conceited, vain or even arrogant people, the beard cut certainly has a negative image. At this moment you certainly remember Bernd Stromberg, who was supposed to embody exactly this image and, probably because of the prejudices, also wore the Henriquatre beard.

The truth

However, the rumors can quickly be quashed, as the Goatee can be found across the board in all social classes and with a wide variety of characters.

If you decide to wear a Henriquatre beard based on our list, don't forget that even shorter beard hair requires regular care in addition to shaving. Beard oil can make the “stubble” softer and therefore more pleasant, especially for short beard hair. As always, you can find suitable products made in Germany in our shop.