How are the beard hair transplant costs made up?

Wie setzen sich die Bart-Haartransplantation Kosten zusammen?

How are the beard hair transplant costs made up?

In today's Charlemagne Premium Blog, we will address the frequently discussed topic of beard hair transplantation and its costs.

We live in an exciting time when you consider that studies have even shown that men with beards appear more attractive, more appealing and even more educated to the majority of the population.

Many men whose beard growth, for example in the upper lips or cheek area, is rather manageable and perhaps not fully developed suffer from this fact. In particular, the thick 3-day beard represents a healthy, masculine appearance.

In our times, in which a beard symbolizes masculinity and a dominant appearance, men are increasingly asking themselves whether the transplantation of beard hair through aesthetic surgery can replace the existing beard  can be changed through a low-risk intervention.

Justifiably so! So it is important to feel good in your own body. It is precisely this feeling of well-being that influences one's own appearance and sometimes supports how a person “arrives” at other people. In order to achieve this appearance if you are affected, we will explain to you in the following points how a beard hair transplant and the costs are set up.

How are the beard hair transplant costs made up?

Before the procedure

The beard hair transplant costs are determined by:  a hair transplant. So by inserting hair roots from your own body in the area of ​​your face.

In the first step, your body's own hair is removed, which is usually obtained from the region of the back of the head in the form of a thin strip of skin.

These hairs then go to a laboratory to be processed for transplantation. In the laboratory, the hair is treated according to “international standards”. So you don't have to worry that your future new hair will be treated incorrectly depending on the transplant location.

The transplant

After your own hair has been professionally treated for a transplant in the laboratory,  Let the “fun” begin. While the hair is being prepared for the actual transplant, the surgeon can prepare the so-called “recipient area”.

For this purpose, areas of skin into which your recovered hair and its roots are to be transplanted are prepared for the associated insertion.

The doctor carrying out the procedure must proceed with extreme caution and care so that no scars are left on your facial skin. A local anesthetic is given. The surgeon therefore provides the recipient region with tiny stitches, essentially openings into which your previously prepared hair can be implanted.

The transplanted hair can then “take root” and ultimately complete your beloved beard. But first we will explain to you how beard hair transplant costs arise after a decision has been made.

How are the beard hair transplant costs made up?

The decision

Due to the beard hair transplant and the costs associated with it, point

At this moment at the latest, you have made your decision to go against your genetic predisposition and want to help it along. In connection with this, you should not only have thought in advance whether a beard hair transplant, the costs but especially the intended success can also be achieved. The risks and complications are manageable because it is a low-risk procedure.

The dear, good foreign country

A beard hair transplant, but especially its costs, can vary extremely internationally compared to the usual prices in Germany. A classic hair transplant, including on the face, is far cheaper in Turkey than in Germany, for example. While the prices here in the country are around €2000-5000, depending on the “substance of your beard hair”, the prices abroad are, as mentioned, much lower. Your own transplanted hair is ultimately the same hair that finds its new place of growth in your home country to become strong hair in the form of a beard. In addition, success depends on many factors, which your trusted surgeon can explain to you far better than any blog entry in the world.

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How are the beard hair transplant costs made up?

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