What are the characteristics of razor blades and which ones should I use with my razor?

Was zeichnet Rasierklingen aus und welche muss ich bei meinem Rasierer verwenden?

What are the characteristics of razor blades? From purchasing to the correct procedure for disposing of razor blades

Razor blades, probably the most important element for shaving a beard. Of course, this can only happen with the right razor . How else should you trim your facial hair without using the right blade in combination, true to the motto, no arms = no chocolate.

Every conceivable tool for trimming the beard inevitably requires a suitable blade. But what distinguishes a razor blade and which one should I use? How do I deal with the still not harmless blade after its life cycle, i.e. dispose of the razor blades? We would be happy to help you clarify this question with the following three points.

Razor blades and product-specific tools.

Razor blades come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. Many are product-specific and only fit brand-specific wet razor models. The so-called system razors usually have razor blades behind bars . A very safe tool for shaving.

Other razor blades are designed for use in a razor with an interchangeable blade or a beard plane. It is precisely this sharp piece of metal that we will be referring to in this blog entry.

Basically: What sets razor blades apart

Material, cut and holder are probably the most important points that make up a razor blade. First we will look at the material:

In order to keep wear and tear low and a blade to retain its sharpness for as long as possible, a razor blade must have a certain material strength. Razor blades are therefore made of metal, more precisely an alloy of different metals and then hardened.

The cutting edge of a razor is industrially ground into a machine-stamped or laser-cut blade. This not only ensures that the razor blade is very sharp, but also that the angle of the cutting edge to the skin is as optimal as possible, which on the one hand results in a good shaving result, as long as the person using the tool knows how to master the art of shaving.

On the other hand, it allows the blade to glide silkily on the layer created by shaving foam, shaving gel or shaving oil between the skin and the blade.

The combination of the tool and the razor blade is also important, a topic that we would now like to address.

What are the characteristics of razor blades and which ones should I use with my razor?

What type of razor blades does my tool need?

The tool, i.e. your razor, has mounting points for the razor blades. The mounting points ensure that the blade of the razor sits firmly and has no play. If there were no recordings, your tool would not work.

Such mishaps could sometimes result in dangerous accidents that could be fatal, especially in the neck area, if the razor blade is not firmly anchored in the appropriate shaving device.

But you, dear bearded man, looking for information about the razor blade, you shouldn't shit yourself in fear and stop shaving.

If you choose the wrong combination of razor and razor blade, the following will happen:


Nevertheless, razors and especially beard planes harmonize better with one or the other blade. So as you read before, these blade shots can vary depending on the combination, so that a particular blade only harmonizes perfectly with a particular knife or tool.

What are the characteristics of razor blades and which ones should I use with my razor?

A test with the knife of your choice and the blade you bought should be enough to determine that you either made a good purchase or have to go to the toilet again to get new blades. Sometimes the trick is the other way around. You've found the perfect blades for you, but your razor doesn't work the way you want. If necessary, the reverse test, i.e. swapping your knife or beard plane, can bring the desired success. Safety razors have a wide variety of properties, whether the blade gap or the necessary pressure and angle of the tool to the facial skin, i.e. influencing factors of the beard hairdresser, are crucial criteria that can lead to success or failure.

At this point we can suggest that when you buy a razor, you should order or buy the right razor blades as a set after consultation. You should also keep the packaging for the blades, as the blade is usually printed on it, which means you can compare it with a product you are purchasing new.

My razor blade is getting dull. How should I dispose of razor blades?

A point that is not entirely unimportant in our opinion. Even razor blades that have dulled through use and are no longer suitable for trimming facial hair are usually still incredibly sharp. There is still a risk of injury.

So what to do with the little metallic potential evil-bringers?

First of all, the used blades definitely do not belong in the yellow bag. If left unprotected, they easily cut the bag and can therefore fall out. The result is a high risk of accidents, especially on public roads, which are also known to be used by children. The yellow bag or, depending on the city, the yellow bin, is intended exclusively for packaging waste. The packaging waste falls out of the grid when disposing of razor blades.

So where do the blades go?

Basically, used razor blades are residual waste. Disposing of razor blades goes in the black bin. But even there, there is a risk of injury if blades are carelessly disposed of. In addition, blades smeared with blood - everyone knows the moment of the first cut with a razor - can pose a risk of infection.

To give just one illustrative example...disposing of razor blades in the good old apartment building.

The day before collection, Grandpa Manfred would like to quickly put his residual waste in the bin. As is so often the case, the thorn shoots into the eye again. The bin is extremely overfilled. A solution is sought with a grim murmur. The good man has no idea that his neighbors also dispose of razor blades there. As agile as the sprightly gentleman feels day after day when he stares out of his living room window to trim his neighbors, he simply jumps into the bin. Unfortunately, he didn't take into account that his plush slippers don't have a safety sole. The razor blade, carelessly stored in the garbage bag under his feet, cuts neatly into his foot. At this point, everyone can imagine the next neighborly hostilities in the form of anonymously posted letters. Harmonious coexistence looks different.

Safe disposal.

Even if not carried out 100% correctly according to recycling guidelines, it is a really prudent method to store used razor blades in an empty jam or pickle jar using the existing lid and dispose of them in a waste glass container. Disposing of razor blades can be so easy.

The big advantage lies in the fact that you are protected from other people to the best of your knowledge and belief. In addition, the contents of the glass container are pre-sorted in the first recycling instance using a conveyor belt, for example with the help of large and strong magnets. Metal objects such as lids and our blades can be separated in this way. Disposing of razor blades for almost professionals.

The previous tips and tricks about razor blades will give you the best information to equip your tool with the right cutting mechanism. Remember that razor blades also wear out with use and therefore need to be replaced regularly. To find out more about razors with interchangeable blades, you should take a look at this blog entry.

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