What can you do about the topic “Beard itches due to pimples?”

Was kannst du gegen das Thema „Bart juckt durch Pickel tun?

What can you do about the topic “Beard itches due to pimples?”

Special situations in life require special measures. Sometimes men have the most well-groomed beard, but suddenly busybodies creep into the bearded thicket, namely pimples at the base of the beard. First you think about the beard more to let it grow I try to counteract the problem but there is no improvement. of facial hair, it happens often. The beard itches, ingrown hairs. The pimples appear randomly or for a special reason. 

So, what can you do about the itchy beard problem that arises? Whether a full or 3-day beard, sitting it out? Pharmacy or the tried and tested drugstore? A good dermatologist? Or would you rather use home remedies that mom recommends to us?

Due to the high level of response to this topic, we have taken the topic of “Beard itches due to pimples” to heart in today's Charlemagne Premium Blog Post, because these are actually times when a young man had to struggle with acne during puberty while he was hot and was able to have his first sexual experiences with his girlfriend without thinking about what the woman he wanted would think of his pubertal acne!

That's why we're going to give you a little more insight into the whole topic of "beard itching due to pimples". We hope you enjoy reading this section.

The right beard wash:

Your beard also needs regular basic cleaning. Care products such as beard oil, beard wax and countless other care products leave residues in your beard hair. If these are not removed appropriately from time to time, you run the risk of missing out on too much of a good thing for your skin. The pores become clogged and the skin's own talc cannot come to the surface. As a result, the beard itches and pimples are the result.

A practical example: For a bar care product for styling, we simply use the classic beard wax, which consists mainly of fat. Rather Vaseline. If used incorrectly, this fat can clog your skin pores and cause your beard to itch. Pimples are the result. You should therefore use a beard shampoo at regular intervals. Use beard detergent to counteract the whole thing.

Sit it out or work on your habits?!

Skin type A is different to skin type B. Your skin surface has a wide variety of needs that you have to adapt individually from person to person.

Care products that are used incorrectly or too often can also cause skin irritations such as the topic we discussed: “Beard itches due to pimples”. 

If you have sensitive skin that reacts very sensitively to the various ingredients in care products, it is primarily up to you to change your habits and get the problem under control.

Replacing care products or simply leaving out certain ones can often work wonders and make the phenomenon of a problem in the form of “beard itching” and pimples that arise as a result disappear in a very short time.

Grandma's bag of tricks:

Sorry guys and with all due respect to your grandma's tips and tricks, but in most cases only one thing counts here. The right nutrition! Anyone who eats a fatty and unhealthy diet has associated symptoms on the surface of the skin. The beard itches due to pimples on the surface of the skin. If you basically want to counteract such a trigger, only one thing can help: a balanced diet. Through structured food intake, you can have an extreme influence on your appearance and thus counteract unwanted facts. Even one or a few drops of too much of a poison for the human body can have a long-term impact. So avoid things that are not good for you and your health.

The same goes for tricks like smearing toothpaste on pimples. Such methods are simply unprofessional and cause your skin to become inflamed and, in case of doubt, leave far-reaching marks and visible scars  can.

Drugstore, blessing or ruin?

If switching to the use of care products does not bring success, this may be the key to success in finding a solution to the issue of beard itching caused by pimples.

If nothing helps, you need to see a dermatologist!

Thank God that we live in a time where there is a specialist for everything and everyone. So men, don't despair, just ask a dermatologist.

A dermatologist has spent years of his life studying to become a doctor who specializes in our skin. No fake charm. So don't be afraid to ask for advice. He knows what he is doing and will be able to give you the best advice, especially if you suffer from skin diseases, to help you solve the problem of the beard itching due to pimples.

As you have read, there is no direction in which to solve the problem of itching your beard due to pimples. For person A, remedy X can produce great results. For person B, the whole thing goes completely wrong. If you don't achieve success with simple, tangible help, your only option is usually to see a dermatologist. In When it comes to care products, we recommend that you primarily use natural beard care products. As always, you can find exactly these examples in the best quality, Made in Germany, in the Charlemagne Premium Shop! Good luck!

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