Should you use castor oil for beard care?

Sollte man Rizinusöl für die Bartpflege nutzen?

Should you use castor oil for beard care?


Castor oil in beard . A somewhat strange connection at first. Castor oil is known to the masses as a helpful laxative and has been used successfully for numerous practical jokes.

Slowly but surely this application is changing and castor oil is spreading across the board for use in other areas.


This oil can also be used for care, especially as part of a care product, to support and promote the great properties of your beard hair.


Below we will explain to you what qualities castor oil can produce in your beard and why you should treat your beard to a little treatment with castor oil from time to time. Finally, your pride and joy, your beard, should be given the honor it deserves.


The miracle tree, castor bean


No, dear reader, we are not talking about the more or less popular fragrance dispenser that often adorns the rearview mirror of many vehicles.

The miracle tree or castor bean (Latin: Ricinus communis) is the plant from whose seeds castor oil is obtained. The popularly christened castor beans, whose appearance is slightly reminiscent of engorged ticks, contain the sought-after oil. The plant occurs naturally in the temperate climate zones of the world, as well as in the tropics. In temperate zones it stands out as an annual herb and flowers between August and October, in the tropics castor bean even appears as a perennial.


Incidentally, the castor bean, or miracle tree, was chosen as the poisonous plant of the year 2018.

Should you use castor oil for beard care?

A poisonous plant for body and beard care?


Some people will remember the term “poisonous plant” in connection with castor oil from the well-known series “Breaking Bad”. In the successful series, the protagonist Walter White develops, as a result of a stroke of fate, into the drug lord of the underworld in the town of Albuquerque in New Mexico (USA).


In order to eliminate one of his opponents, he uses the poison “ricin” from the plant seed, from which the oil itself is obtained.


But at this point it should be said that you don't have to be afraid of poisoning when using it as a care product.

Ricin, the poisonous component of the seed, is water-soluble but not fat-soluble and therefore remains in the pressing residues of the manufacturing process for cold-pressed castor oil. This creation process then turns it into a native (unrefined) oil. The natural ingredients of the oil are retained through this extraction process. This is not the case with a refined oil. During the refining process, key ingredients in various oils are lost, which means that refined oil is generally more suitable for industrial purposes.


Dietary supplements...


The most extravagant products are often touted to provide your body with nutrients and thus bring about various increases in your beauty. Products are very often taken orally, for example in the form of nutritional supplements.


Castor oil in beard


In order to strengthen your hair, both your head hair and your beard, we will not go into products that are reminiscent of medication.


At this point, you should be careful when using castor oil. Castor oil is not suitable for oral consumption for the average consumer, unless you want to experience a brown miracle in the truest sense of the word shortly afterwards. Castor oil on the beard is used just like other care products on the hair itself. We hereby expressly advise against consumption in the context set out here.

Should you use castor oil for beard care?

What is castor oil

Castor oil is a thick, clear oil. It is one of the oils with the highest viscosity and density. Its color is basically colorless to slightly yellowish. As already mentioned, the oil has a strong laxative effect. Its smell is weak but characteristic, while the taste is mild yet unpleasant. With a shelf life of around six to eight months, it can be stored well for care purposes without becoming rancid in the short term. And let’s be honest. In any case, no one keeps a year's supply of castor oil for beard care.


The ingredients


The majority of the ingredients in castor oil, around 85 percent, are triglycerides of ricinoleic acid. It also contains the saturated fatty acids palmitic acid and stearic acid. The most important factor in relation to the topic discussed here is linoleic acid. An Omega 6 fatty acid, one of the most important nutrients for healthy hair growth, which means that this active ingredient is said to have the property of increasing hair growth, or at least strengthening it.


The purpose of using castor oil on the beard


Using castor oil in your beard usually has a very specific purpose.


In the world of women's cosmetics, castor oil has been said for many years to have the ability to influence the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows so that they appear thicker and fuller. This property, which is useful for women, has led to castor oil becoming increasingly important in the area of ​​hair care. This is also the case with castor oil in the beard, which means that men are becoming more and more aware of the issue. Not only beard hair that grows sparsely or unevenly or the lack of beard growth itself, many men are faced with the question of how they can deal with this issue, which can sometimes be more or less pronounced. In most cases, the focus is on natural products in order to be able to provide relief without the addition of chemicals. The castor oil in the beard advertised here also has a strong nourishing effect on the facial skin, which is known to be found underneath the beard. Use against pimples and skin blemishes is therefore inevitable.


The application itself


As already mentioned before, castor oil in the beard is applied externally directly to the hair. To do this, take a few drops of the oil from the container and drip them onto your palms. Then rub the castor oil into your beard using your hands. Be careful and massage it thoroughly into your facial hair in order to sustainably support your desired care goals.

As you have read, the described castor oil also has great care properties, contrary to popular legends and prejudices.

Should you use castor oil for beard care?

In summary, it can be said that castor oil can give your hair a top-class care treatment due to its almost unique ingredients. This particularly applies to care with the help of castor oil in the beard. The substances contained often not only give users fuller beards, but also give your beard a silky, matt shine, the impression of which should not be underestimated.


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