Shaving Oil vs. Shaving Foam - Which is Better for You?

Rasieröl vs. Rasierschaum - Was ist besser für dich?

Shaving Oil vs. Shaving Foam - Which is Better for You?

When shaving, in addition to the question of whether to use a razor blade or an electric razor, the question arises as to how to make wet shaving as best as possible.

Clearly, a dry flight with a saber á la Jack Sparrow, from the film Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp, is less of an option here.

Very good! You keep reading!

So you are sure about wet shaving and want to find out more in advance. No, we can't read minds, but if it were different, you simply wouldn't have found this blog at the beginning. In the course of this, however, the next question arises.

Shaving foam or would you prefer shaving oil? In this blog post we will show you the differences between the two tools and explain to you what will be the best solution for you to remedy your unwanted beard growth.

Why not just water?


Aids such as shaving oil or shaving foam cause the beard hair to become soft and a certain lubricating film forms on your facial skin. In short, water does not have this beneficial property. Of course, not only the skin but also the hair to be shaved don't like this, which inevitably leads to skin irritation and, in the worst case (dull blade!), to the hair being pulled out when shaving. So you will understand that there has to be more than just tap water there.

Which product achieves stronger or weaker effects depends not only on the brand chosen, but also on which raw material is used. Below we will first introduce you to shaving foam or shaving soap.

Shaving Oil vs. Shaving Foam - Which is Better for You?

The shaving foam or shaving soap

Whether canned foam or “homemade” shaving foam using shaving soap. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. If the ready-made package offers the decisive advantage of being ready for immediate use and thus the advantage in terms of time, it is not only the noticeable monetary and cost factor that is a disadvantage in the long term.

In particular, the classic canned foam usually does not have as good properties as shaving soap. If it usually comes from the cheaper sector, the product features must be differentiated. The main criteria are probably lower sliding properties on your skin and beard hair that is not so soft that you can shave it without any problems. At this point we don't even want to go into the skin care of the individual and their individual reactions to allergies.

So the choice is shaving soap. Yes, exactly, the stuff that grandpa used enthusiastically all his life. The disadvantage is certainly that it takes a little more effort to prepare the shaving soap before shaving. Although it requires additional aids, such as a shaving brush, it is the classic among shaving foams and has proven itself for many years. Shaving soap usually has very good gliding properties for the blade you choose, so that you can trim your beard hair perfectly and without leaving any residue (keyword: stubble, friends!).

In addition, the method of applying the whipped foam using a shaving brush has the effect that you can distribute the foam wherever you want to find it. In our opinion, a very stylish way to shave a beard. Let's be honest, who doesn't want to show the necessary class at all times when it comes to their beard?

However, shaving oil also has specific advantages, which we will now discuss.

Shaving Oil vs. Shaving Foam - Which is Better for You?

The shaving oil

After shaving foam, shaving cream and shaving gel, the market also offers shaving oil. When you hear the word “oil” you might remember one or two cartoons from your childhood.

Warner Brothers showed us how to do it.

The Roadrunner races along the route across the desert of the United States at lightning speed. His adversary, the coyote, would like to stop this tasty plumage and resorts to oil in order to cause his prey to slip as best as possible and thus stop him.

Even though the plan didn't work in pretty much all cases, the idea isn't the worst in terms of getting someone, or in our case, something to "slide." The oil theory can also be applied to shaving.

The more “slippery” the skin, the better the result and the more comfortable the shave is.

Shaving oil can be of good use here. The shaving aid, which is usually provided with great fragrances, has extremely good gliding properties thanks to the various compositions of oils, which can be seen on the skin. Shaving oil also helps with skin care, as certain parts of it are inevitably irritated when shaving.

Our personal experience shows that shaving oil makes shaving and the associated skin care an experience that everyone should have at least once.

The approach to wet shaving explained above has hopefully helped you make a decision about which shaving aid is best for you. Whether shaving foam or shaving oil...

As with most things in life, the best method for shaving your facial hair mostly comes down to subjective experience. In order to find the right support material for you, you should also gather your own experience with the various products in order to be able to draw your own conclusions from the extremely extensive product world.

As always, you can of course find a selection of suitable products from shaving soap and the matching shaving brush to shaving oil in our Charlemagne Premium Shop. Have fun and success trying it out!