Razor blades behind bars - advantages that come with being locked up

Rasierklingen hinter Gittern - Vorteile die das Einsperren mit sich bringt

Razor blades behind bars - advantages that come with being locked up

The man himself is an individual. One person likes it extravagant and uses a safety razor when shaving, as Grandpa used to do. The other man loves being goal-oriented and purposeful. A simple system shaver that does its job quickly is the order of the day.

You will have already noticed. We're talking about the razor and the associated blades.

They are available in a wide variety of designs and price ranges. Razor blades behind bars and therefore kept more modern, made for the system razor. Or produced and used in the classic way, as a single razor blade for the safety razor.

Even in his childhood days, when he saw one or two television commercials, it was a big question mark for the author of the Charlemagne blog post you are reading... Why the big blade manufacturer with W. in the television commercial put a blue laser over the razor and thus the razor blades behind bars (through a very clever video animation).

Razor blades behind bars - advantages that come with being locked up

We will go into the advantages and disadvantages of tying up the blades below and give you a little more insight into the razor blades behind bars. Happy reading!

The big advantage of a wet razor with blades behind bars.

Razor blades behind bars have a big advantage. Shaving with these devices is safe. The risk of divorce and the resulting injury is reduced to a minimum. Razors with razor blades behind bars are therefore also referred to as “safety razors”.

The high-quality and therefore quite expensive system razors are not dependent on shaving pressure, skin tightening or the shaving angle, as can be the case with straight razors or safety razors.

They simply serve their purpose. Whether this is an advantage is of course in the eye of the beholder, but rather in the perspective of the user themselves.

We think that shaving is a procedure that can definitely involve a certain amount of effort. After all, we love doing it, it's our lifestyle!

Razor blades behind bars - advantages that come with being locked up

The downside to razor blades behind bars

Razor blades behind bars are always part of a system razor. Basically not a wrong thing. However, modern system razors have a significant disadvantage. Replacement blades are extremely expensive. From three to seven blades, the market has a lot to offer the user a true delight in shaving results. At this point we just want to make one thing very clear. Shaving is not a sport. Shaving just takes time. Especially if you have made beard grooming your hobby. We are firmly convinced that if you want to do it systematically, i.e. shaving your beloved beard, then it doesn't have to be the non plus ultra for big money. Anything more than three razor blades behind bars is showing off. The worst part is that no one brags about their shaving tools. In our opinion, the most modern of the modern is rather unnecessary when it comes to shaving and will never provide you with the desired added value, especially when you take the monetary factor into account. Stick with the tried and tested!

Another plus!

Razor blades behind bars have the great advantage of not being banned items. A point that makes air travel in particular significantly easier. This makes it possible to take such a tool, i.e. the system razor with razor blades, behind bars, even in hand luggage. Let's be honest, an after shave is usually not even allowed to be brought on board an airplane due to its capacity. We were completely surprised that, to give just one example, a well-known airline based in London would allow such a shaving tool. As you can see, a wet razor is also an alternative to electronic devices for shaving.

As you have read, razor blades behind bars have their own advantages and disadvantages. What you do and whether you do something with it is of course, as always, up to you.

Razor blades behind bars - advantages that come with being locked up

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