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Circular hair loss in the beard doesn't have to be the case: effective treatment methods

A circular hair loss beard can have just as stressful an impact on the psyche as hair loss on the scalp. Anyone affected by beard loss can regain beard growth with the help of effective treatment methods. Below we will first briefly examine the causes of hair loss so that suitable solutions for the right treatment can then be found.

Where does circular hair loss in the beard actually come from?

Hair loss on the body, regardless of the area, is normal at a rate of 100 hairs per day. Failures in this regard can have different causes. On the one hand, there is the possibility that hair loss is a genetic predisposition and has been inherited. This is also the most common cause of circular beard hair loss. Over ninety percent of hair loss can be traced back to this. In addition, the lack of testosterone also plays a major role in circular hair loss in the beard. One of the main causes of circular hair loss in the beard is also a poor diet. Ultimately, circular hair loss in the beard can be a result of a disorder of the immune system. Which of the named causes applies in a specific case can only be determined medically. The reason for the hair loss should first be clarified so that the appropriate therapy can then be given.

Treatment methods that really help

If you don't want to be satisfied with circular hair loss in your beard and want to do something about it, appropriate treatment methods are available as soon as the cause of the hair loss has been clarified.

Failure due to genetic factors or testosterone deficiency

If the circular hair loss in the beard is due to genetics or a lack of testosterone, then special medications can help to revive hair growth. For this purpose, drops or foam are offered for external use. These products must be used permanently so that the circular hair loss in the beard can be combated and hair can sprout again permanently. Tablet-based medications are also available, which also lead to hair growth due to testosterone deficiency. These medications work from within and promote hair growth. Overall, these methods only start to work after a quarter to a year, so it takes time to achieve results.

Circular hair loss on the beard due to malnutrition

If circular hair loss in the beard has occurred due to malnutrition, then the nutritional habits must be examined down to the smallest detail. The nutrient deficiency will quickly become apparent. These deficiencies should be remedied quickly. If necessary, the appropriate nutritional supplements should be taken so that the body is supplied with sufficient nutrients again and circular hair loss on the beard can no longer occur. It is important to have a varied diet with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Sugar and fatty foods should not be on the menu.

Treat immune system reasons for hair loss

For circular hair loss on the beard, topical immunotherapy with the active ingredient diphencypron is often used. To do this, the highly concentrated active ingredient is applied to the bald spot. This triggers inflammation so that the immune system is sensitized to the active ingredient. This procedure is often repeated. The immune cells that attack the hair roots should be displaced by healing immune cells so that regular hair growth can occur again. After three months, hair growth starts again. The therapy is very complex and, however, has a good chance of permanently growing hair again in the affected areas.


Extreme hair loss is a very unpleasant matter. Fortunately, there are now therapies that can help reverse even circular hair loss. Before treatment can begin, the causes of hair loss should first be clarified. Sometimes the causes of hair loss are only minor, meaning that only a small amount of effort is required for therapy. If the causes become more serious, a doctor should be consulted so that appropriate therapy can be carried out.