Bald spots in your beard?! 5 points for clarification

Kahle Stellen im Bart?! 5 Punkte zur Aufklärung

Bald spots in your beard?! 5 points for clarification

In some situations in life the desire for change is great. Especially when certain things don't go the way you imagine a certain situation to be different. A good example is, among other things, beard growth. For some men it occurs very early, but for other gentlemen in society it occurs very late or is almost completely undeveloped.  Such different types of facial hair quickly cause conflict and laughter among friends. A difficult time for those affected, especially at a young age. If, for example, sparse facial hair is accompanied by bald patches in affected areas, the distress is often great. That's why today we'll focus in particular on the problem of bald spots in the beard and try to bring the whole topic a little closer to you.

The forms of hair loss

Hair loss has many forms and causes. Whether bald spots in the beard or on the head, the origin is never certain and can be found individually in the affected people. Incorrect and unbalanced nutrition, a genetic predisposition that favors thinning hair or hereditary circular hair loss (alopecia) in the hair (lat. alopecia areata) or hair loss in the beard (lat. alopecia barbae).

Bald spots in your beard?! 5 points for clarification

Bald spots on the face due to genetics

Bald spots on the face are not necessarily caused by shaving. Bald spots in the beard, in particular, are a regular manifestation of hereditary hair loss. One variant, for example, is the form of circular hair loss. In this disease, which is also triggered by stress, those affected lose their hair in round areas in the areas covered with hair, whether on their head or beard. The genetic factor, personal predispositions, are a far-reaching point in this topic. For example, if you know that your father or grandfather suffered from similar phenomena, this will be a clue to further diagnostics.

What can you do if you have bald spots in your beard?

First and foremost, the cause of your bald spot in your beard should be clarified. If you have had excessive stress in the past due to your job or unforeseen strokes of fate, this stress could have already had an impact on your beard growth, whether consciously or unconsciously. Hereditary consequences or an unhealthy lifestyle significantly contribute to hair loss. A healthy lifestyle is sometimes the first step to counteract your problem.

I have bald patches in my beard, is it perhaps an illness?

A solution is often a long way off and a diagnosis can only be made by treating doctors, more precisely your trusted family doctor. He knows recognized and helpful treatment methods to be able to help you further. Treatment with the help of beard growth products can work wonders.

Bald spots in your beard?! 5 points for clarification

Is there help if you have bald spots in your beard?

If you suffer from bald patches in your beard and are looking for help, minoxidil may be the key to happiness.

Minoxidil is a medicine used for hereditary hair loss. It causes the small blood vessels in the skin to dilate. This means that the hair, specifically the hair roots, are better nourished. Originally used to combat high blood pressure, the substance has the property of being able to tame hair loss and sometimes even promote hair growth. Bald spots in the beard are now a thing of the past.

It is important to note that with a drug like minoxidil, an effect is only guaranteed if taken continuously. If the intake or use is discontinued, gradual resignation is to be expected, which means hair loss will increase again over time and bald spots in the beard will appear again.

Incidentally, minoxidil is not taken in the form of tablets, but rather applied to and into the hair through care products that contain this active ingredient. The term “Rogaine” may pop into your head. A care product that essentially contains the additive minoxidil.

As you have read, the topic of “bald spots in the beard” comes up in many contexts. As mentioned, only a dermatologist can really advise you on how to deal with the issue. Due to his career choice, he is trained in dealing with such anomalies and can provide you with advice and support. In many cases, bald spots in the beard can be a thing of the past and the joy of beard grooming can begin. Once this step is achieved, you will be looking to bring your new hobby to life. You can of course find the matching elixirs and tools in the Charlemagne Premium Shop, because:

Bald spots in your beard?! 5 points for clarification

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