Help! The hairline hurts!

Hilfe! Der Haaransatz schmerzt!

Help! The hairline hurts!

Today we will address the (unfortunately) widespread topic of painful hairlines.

This phenomenon often occurs without notice to those affected and thus ensures that  that the scalp hurts

So what do you do if it hurts? Basically, this occurrence can have various causes that trigger individual pain.

We will try to address some of the causes below.

What is all this about?

When your scalp hurts, it's usually because most people don't realize that the skin, especially that of the head, is a very sensitive area.

It's not for nothing that head massage sticks, even if they look more like a whisk, were an absolute hit.

Anyone who has used these devices knows that they can be a real blessing and relieve stress in minutes.

Help! The hairline hurts!

But back to the topic:

There are countless hair roots, nerves and immune cells in the scalp, as well as sweat and day glands, which make this area of ​​skin very sensitive, but normally do not cause the hairline to hurt.

The cause human

Basically, as with many things in life, it is often the human factor that is to blame for such pain. If you wear long, tightly tied hair on your head, this can be a reason for a sore scalp. Everyone with long hair knows the feeling when you loosen the braid and thus relax your hair and scalp from the previous “pull”.  Still, the hairline hurts. If this is already the case, just try out a “loose” look in the truest sense of the word.

There may already be improvements. The same applies to your beard hair in that the hairline hurts. Care products, such as Beardwax, which force the beard hair into a “look”, can irritate the hair roots by causing tension and thus have a counterproductive effect. The following points apply to any hair growth on your body.

The most common causes

The causes of hairline pain are often easy to diagnose.

On the one hand, there would be too frequent washing and the blow-drying of the hair that usually goes with it.

If you shower every day and therefore wash and blow-dry your hair, in addition to the desired effect of washed and perfectly styled hair, this often results in your scalp drying out.

Help! The hairline hurts!

Depending on your personal disposition, the layer of sebum that builds up, which causes your hair to become greasy after a while, cannot build up as necessary and thus causes your scalp to dry out. This inevitably leads to your scalp becoming more susceptible to external influences. The consequences are small cracks and irritations. These can allow bacteria and fungal spores to get into your skin. The result is that the hair roots become inflamed and therefore cause pain. In short, the hairline hurts.

Skin diseases

If you are affected by skin diseases such as psoriasis or neurodermatitis, you know that these permanently irritate the nervous system of the skin. The result is usually burning and pain - the hairline hurts, to name just one example of many. In many cases, autogenic training has brought relief. Maybe a point that can help you if you are affected.

Head lice, the (un)known guests

Parasites, such as the well-known head lice, attack the scalp. This can lead to the phenomenon that the hairline hurts. This parasite is even causing mischief in kindergartens, today's daycare centers.

When lice appear, your scalp is usually irritated and red in color. If this is the case, only professional help will help. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of this too.

A fungus can also get out of hand and cause the hairline to hurt!

Skin fungus is often accompanied by hair loss. One of the indicators that you have skin fungus is that your hairline hurts. Unfortunately, this reason for the pain is not so easy to recognize at other points. Help comes from your trusted dermatologist at this point.

Trichondynia: The painful scalp

If your scalp is already sensitive to touch and combing your hair every day becomes torture, something is simply wrong.  In medicine it is generally referred to as trichodynia , which means hair pain in Greek. The term hair root catarrh is also colloquially used to describe this phenomenon. These symptoms have not yet been sufficiently researched. Accordingly, the treating doctor often finds it difficult to make a diagnosis and initiate the appropriate measures in order to be able to help those suffering. But no one should bury their head in the sand at this point. Primarily, such a reaction would be of little use in relation to the issue of “hair loss hurts”, but there are still ways to find out what the causes of the “disease” are and which can also be used to combat it.

Herpes zoster

If the hairline hurts, a common cause can be herpes zoster. Not to be compared with lips or genital herpes, which you are hopefully unfamiliar with, herpes zoster is a disease that can cause burning pain. Also popularly known as shingles, this disease can cause extensive, painful symptoms that cause the hairline to hurt. If, for example, you suffered from a chickenpox virus infection in your childhood, shingles may be the secondary disease that may result. This usually occurs decades after infection. Here, too, we can only recommend that you consult a specialist. Your dermatologist, he is an expert in the field of dermatology and can recommend the right tools to combat shingles or, if in doubt, prescribe them.

Help! The hairline hurts!

Incidentally, all of these phenomena can be transferred not only to your hair, but also to your facial hair. If you suffer from the fact that your hairline hurts, the previous topic should not only be projected onto your hair, but onto every (hair)-covered part of your body.

Through the previous points we have given you 5 facts on the subject of “hairline hurts”. If you also suffer from this counterproductive condition, you should consult a dermatologist if you cannot get any improvement based on the tips given here. As already mentioned, only he can support you with advice and action and take really promising measures to free your life from this evil. Good luck with it!

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