A classic gift: the beard trimmer

Ein Klassiker unter den Geschenken: Der Barttrimmer

A classic gift: the beard trimmer

It happens every year and usually the moment comes (perhaps) unexpectedly. The Christmas time! But what should you get in the obligatory last minute purchase to give as a gift? What makes the man happy. Socks, towels or a bottle of whiskey? Regardless of whether you are giving yourself a gift or receiving a gift, a beard trimmer makes every man's heart beat faster. If you need this form of everyday item anyway, one beard trimmer is not the same as another hair trimmer. Significant differences in appearance, workmanship and function, but in particular options for cleaning a beard trimmer, must be taken into account in order to find the optimal device. From the affordable discount models, for example for entry into the world of beards, to highly professional devices, the market leaves nothing open. Below we will present you with 5 basics to strengthen your inspiration before making a purchase and to give you the right impressions of the devices. This is the only way you won't be ignorant when purchasing a spontaneous last minute gift, but will be able to speak in front of a potential seller.

Our video, fresh from the Charlemagne Studio, provides a basis:

First, let’s go over the general basics.

In addition to the look and feel (the reasonable function of the trimmer should be self-evident here, after all, a beard trimmer that cannot trim properly should not have been one), practical use is probably a very important point.

What is a beard trimmer used for?

The beard trimmer is used to trim the beard hair to length and to shape the desired contours of the individual beard cuts. For regular beard care, it is an indispensable part of a beard wearer's repertoire.

Corded beard trimmer

Cheap devices are usually wired and have to be connected to a socket using a SchuKo plug to supply power. This means that a certain disruptive factor is included, namely the cable.

At this point we would like to remember that this subjective disruptive factor depends on the user. One group of beard wearers gets along very well with a “wired” beard trimmer, while other users fall into outright temper tantrums while trimming because of the wiring.

Be careful! Outbursts of anger can not only lead to serious mistakes when shaving, but also to injuries. At the end of the day, no one wants to wear the two-face look like one of Batman's arch-enemies on their face.

A classic gift: the beard trimmer

Battery beard trimmer

Well then, what is the alternative to the corded beard trimmer?

Alternative models are battery-operated (battery), which deliberately avoids the need for wiring.

Both versions are a blessing and a curse at the same time. Cordless devices can usually be charged using a docking station connected to the power grid so that they are always ready for use. But this energy source has a serious catch. Due to their technical design, accumulators have a limited lifespan, which can limit the lifespan of a device, especially with permanently installed battery cells. On the other hand, you can avoid the previously mentioned outbursts of anger by wiring it up when using a beard trimmer.

Components of the device:

The beard trimmer consists of the motor/electronic unit which is normally housed in the housing of the device. The removable shaving head with blade is located on this housing, as well as a length attachment which can be variably adjusted. It presets the beard length so that you can subsequently shorten the beard hair to the desired length.

Clean care of a beard trimmer

Beard trimmers usually come with a small bottle of oil and a brush for cleaning and grooming. The toothed blade on the shaving head of a beard trimmer can be clipped off or removed using a screw on higher quality devices. The individual shaving heads are made of a wide variety of materials, often aluminum/steel or plastic/steel combinations. After unscrewing, the shaving head can be cleaned of hair and impurities using the small brush. You should then lubricate the connection points/deflections between the blade attachment and motor, as well as the shaving head, with a drop of oil. This ensures that the cutting process is guaranteed over the long term and that the knife can slide cleanly and therefore cut.

Through the points mentioned, you have learned that a beard trimmer is not only a basic tool for a beard wearer, but that there are also serious differences in the individual versions. Over time, we will continue to publish reviews and product reviews of devices in our blog, as we are also constantly looking for great devices. In this way we will also be able to go into more detail about the individual specifications of the beard trimmers.

Don't forget, the Christmas season repeats itself every year (suddenly it's Christmas Eve again), and the associated search for a gift inevitably repeats itself with it. So check back regularly and stay tuned.

A classic gift: the beard trimmer